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What products will help to quit Smoking

Malacopol glass of milk from cigarettes appears a nasty taste: no fun! Take it on Board and will run on a smoke break where regisitration sour taste does not cause desire to smoke, and thus, cravings for a cigarette will remove a tangerine or a slice of lemon. There is another important advantage of these fruits: they include a large number of vitamin C, which is in the body of a smoker always a deficit (nicotine destroys it)
Bananas they’re high in vitamin B6, one of whose duties is to protect our lungs from cancer. The second task of the vitamin involved in the synthesis happy hormone serotonin. And good mood to those who quit Smoking, Oh so needed!Calderan as other fresh vegetables (such as green beans, courgettes and asparagus), great spoil the taste of the cigarette. A celery stick will not cause the desire to drag after lunch
Broccolini relieves the craving for nicotine, it is rich but not high in calories (which will ease the lot of the smoker, are afraid to get better after quitting cigarettes), And its composition is a chemical sulforaphane, which increases the activity of the gene NRF2 protects lung cells from toxic damage

Balaenidae who have recently quit Smoking “breaks” from a lack of the usual nicotine. So, in the eggplant is nicotinic acid, but, unlike nicotine, is useful, for example, for the nerves. The inclusion on the menu of eggplant will help to cope with addiction and without much stress
Imperatrice replaces a cigarette, if you cut it into pieces, to carry and to put on the tongue when the urge to smoke becomes unbearable, pungent and spicy taste kills it completely. You can brew ginger tea with honey and lemon — it will also take off traction. Ex-smokers often complain of problems with the throat and nasopharynx: they become more vulnerable to colds and viruses. Ginger is a natural immunostimulator possessing anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer qualities, it will protect the vulnerable mucosa and at the same time to freshen the breath

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