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The Chinese cabbage salad

The combination of ingredients in this salad is rather unusual, but in the end, all together it turns out very tasty. If you want to surprise your family, then feel free to prepare this delicious salad.

Ingredients for “Chinese cabbage Salad”:

  • Cabbage

    200 g

  • Cucumber

    150 g

  • Crab sticks

    100 g

  • Sausage


    100 g

  • Dill

  • Salt

  • Mayonnaise

    2 tbsp

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Servings: 4

Recipe “Chinese cabbage Salad”:

Slice cabbage, cucumbers, crab sticks, sausages, dill. Add salt to taste and season with mayonnaise. Stir and serve.
Bon appetit

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