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5 myths about palm oil, which it’s time to stop believing

For many, the phrase “palm oil” — a horror story in one series such as “anthrax”, “nuclear power”, “attack of the clones” and “end of the world”. And at the same time the same people argue seriously about the benefits of homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture and other unscientific heresy. The tropical oil has long been blamed for all sorts of sins (except not in the Bible). Today we want to dispel some myths about this product, that you ceased to be terrified at the sight of the phrase “palm oil” on the label
1. Palm oil is extracted from palmy the view of opponents of palm oil, obviously, do the following: cut down the tree, put it in the chipper, which cuts the trunk in pieces and squeezes out their oil. After these flights of fancy would like to say the famous phrase: “Stop the planet, I’ll go.” Remember: oil is extracted from palm fruit. And if the processing is only pulp, it is palm oil, but if the kernel is palm kernel. So palm kernel oil — palm is not irradiated in a nuclear reactor, and the oil extracted from the kernels (seeds) of the fruit of the palm tree
2. Palma is not absorbed by the body because the melting point of this tropical oil is above the temperature of human Teleki to believe the sofa experts, palm oil is something like a piece of asphalt. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, it is not digested by the body and is excreted unchanged. It is strange that it there generally does not detonate. If you follow this logic, and beloved by many fat in the body does not “melt”, but the first mention of bacon in the description of the ancient Armenian meal is found in the seventh century, and the temperature of its melting point and do is 42⁰С against 37⁰C melting palm oil. What then happens in the body with nuts — imagine scary. In fact, palm oil is like any other product, by the enzyme lipase splits into fatty acids and glycerin and is almost completely absorbed into the body
3. In palm oil there is nothing useful, it causes all kinds zabolevaniya-Yes what evil machinations palms against humanity neither saw in diseases of the cardiovascular system, Oncology, genetic diseases and so on. It is, according to the statements of opponents, is that Ebola causes. And not the fact. Really dangerous are the TRANS-isomers of fatty acids. TRANS fats (and this is proven) affect metabolism, disturb the function of enzymes that alter the structure of cell membranes, increasing the risk of the above diseases. For example, in the meat of ruminants and butter them up about 8%. How much TRANS fats found in palm? Zero. Here is the answer — nothing to add here
4. Palm oil is poison for kids in infant formula do not add the oil itself, and palmitic acid, which is contained in female breast milk and palm oil. It is believed that palmitic acid is absorbed from artificial milk as well as from natural and even harmful for baby as it causes allergies. This is misleading, as the cause of food Allergy are protein components of products, while palm oil is a fatty component. Modern mixtures use a balance of several vegetable fats easily assimilated by the human body and does not cause digestive problems.

5. Palm oil — for benihime therefore the largest importers of palm oil are countries with high living standards like the US and EU, right? Countries where the most centenarians (like Japan) are also not averse to eat the poison. Apparently, the gloomy genius of the West has created in their underground laboratories of oil, which is beneficial to everyone except the citizens of our country. Meanwhile, indicators of quality and safety of oils used in food products, including palm, set by Russian legislation and as reflected in the technical regulations of the Customs Union “Technical regulations on fat and oil products TR/TS 024/2011”. These requirements correspond to the international standard of the Food Code (Codex Аlimentarius). Palm oil works the same way as salt and sugar: not gonna eat tablespoons three times a day — nothing bad will happen. Finally. Less believe the myths — better look for information in trusted sources. Can refer to the draft Food News Press, where the best analytical materials from experts in the field of nutrition and dietetics that debunk negative myths, including palm oil, in security of which, I hope you’re convinced. Learn more about project Food News Press →

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