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Mineral modapelle what to do for headaches is to drink a glass of still mineral water. It is often spazmiruet pain in the head occurs because the body is dehydrated. And this can happen not only in heat, but after intense workouts, and just because we forget to regularly replenish stocks of fluid in the body

No matter what it is as long as it was warm. Sometimes headache is a sign of hunger and fluctuations in the level of glucose in the blood in this regard. In this case, the first remedy is to eat something warm and watery to quickly learned. If no soup will do, liquid porridge
Limoncella water with lemon will ease a headache, especially if it is caused by digestive problems. You can also apply a lemon peel, purified from the white pulp, forehead and temples. In aromatherapy, by the way, lemon is one of the surest remedies for migraine headaches
Imberhorne ginger is very good for a so-called tension headaches. Substances that are included with ginger, alleviates spasm of the blood vessels of the head and neck and uluchshaet circulation. Thus “included” natural mechanisms to relieve tension and related pain. The best remedy is ginger tea: a small piece of root cut into thin petals and brewed with boiling water, cool slightly. Drink several times a day
Blakelee tool if you woke up with a headache (but not a hangover!). Cut a slice of Apple, sprinkle with salt and wash down with warm water the pain will go away. Will help and Apple cider vinegar: need just a few drops in a glass of warm water and drink it in two or three divided doses. Help inhalation on the basis of Apple cider vinegar
Kundalata almonds possess anticonvulsant and analgesic effect. So a handful of these nuts is enough to ease headache in 10-15 minutes. Vitamin E contained in nuts, protects blood vessels — namely, the problems they often cause headache
Burning perezapisi, Chile or Cayenne. In fact, it is to knock the wedge wedge, but that doesn’t make it less effective. The essence of the method is that the capsaicin contained in hot pepper, causes the neurotransmitters responsible for pain, to switch from the head to other areas: headache gives way to a burning sensation in the mouth, but to deal with it much easier. Of course, this “burning” method should not be used for those who have stomach problems. For these cases, there is a warming cream based on hot pepper, are applied to the forehead and temples
Nativedata contained in peppermint have a calming and analgesic effect. Brew mint tea (can be in combination with other herbs such as rosemary, lemon balm or thyme). Let stand 10 minutes, stir in a Cup a spoon of honey and drink SIP. Peppermint oil has a similar effect: use it for self-massage of the temples and tight muscles back of the neck — pain will go away almost immediately
There are a lot of potassium and magnesium, relaxing the walls of arteries, which improves cerebral blood supply. And headache can be caused by a sharp drop in blood sugar levels: in this case, the honey will also help to slightly sweeten the problem. In any case, brew mint, lemon or ginger, and plain tea, add a spoon of honey — it should be better

Caricaie flavor, familiar from childhood, makes us forget about all the problems! But the cinnamon sticks still contain substances that help with migraines. Cook of ground cinnamon a thick paste by adding water. Apply for half an hour on the forehead and temples, then lie down for half an hour. Warming pasta will banish a headache, especially if it is caused by cold Allergy or vascular spasm due to a sudden temperature change outside the window
Aposteme our grandmothers advised a headache to put on the forehead of a cabbage leaf — it “pulls” the pain. And not that it was wrong. Cabbage leaf dip for a minute in boiling water, then cool and attach to the sore spot — his forehead, occiput, temples. You can use freshly squeezed cabbage juice: it can wet the cloth, apply to the forehead, temples, and spread it behind the ears and on the wrists (designated pulse). Better then to lie down for 15-20 minutes
Kartofelina alternative to the cabbage: boil the potatoes in their skins, mash it right in the peel and apply to the forehead and temples, and still warm

Milk milk contains Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is one of the deficiency symptoms of which is headache. In our body, this vitamin is not nakalyaetsya, so it must be obtained daily from food products in the amount of about 1.3 mg. Drunk in small SIPS a glass of milk — warm, but unboiled, because Riboflavin is destroyed by heat treatment will help the patient’s head to turn into healthy. If the pain is bothering often, it makes sense to revise menu and to include in the diet more milk, grains, vegetables instead of meat go easy on the liver, do not forget about the yeast and mushrooms. All of these products a lot of B2
What not to do?To drink tablets. We usually throws the pill in his mouth, but most of the analgesics and vasodilatory drugs themselves can provoke a painful attack
To have a drink. Yes, vessels (including head and neck) will immediately expand, and the pain will go away. But then will be back with a vengeance
Drinking coffee. If the pain is caused by high blood pressure, even one Cup can much harm. And even if the pressure is normal or low, but you are used to drinking several cups of coffee a day, caffeine will not help and will only exacerbate the situation

Smoking. Nicotine causes a sharp spasm of blood vessels. The pain will become even stronger

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