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    Shortbread biscuits with Parmesan

    Awesome cookies! The most delicious cheese I’ve ever tasted. It smells wonderful, tastes great, black pepper amazingly fit here, as well as the slight kick from the Cayenne. Very delicious by itself, but I think that it is perfect for dry wine or beer. Ingredients for “Shortbread biscuits with Parmesan”: Flour / Flour — 125 g Parmesan (or other hard cheese) — 125 g Butter (cold) — 100 g Salt — 1/4 tsp Black pepper (ground) — 1/4 tsp Pepper Cayenne read more

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    Shortbread tarts with cream and fruit

    I offer you my favorite cakes! Berries and fruits you can take any what you like. The combination is just awesome, shortcrust pastry, sweet cream on the inside and sour berries. Help yourselves, friends! Ingredients for “Sand tarts with cream and fruit”: The dough Butter (frozen) — 100 g Flour / Flour — 300 g Sugar — 80 g Vanilla (TM Haas) — 1 depot. Leavening agent — 14 tsp. Chicken egg — 2 PCs Water (cold) — 3 tbsp. Filling read more

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    Shortbread cookies with walnuts

    Unusual, tasty, crumbly, shortbread. yum. Ingredients for “Cookies with walnuts”: Flour / Flour — 3 stack. Sugar — 1 Cup. Salt — 1/2 tsp. Butter — 250 g Sour cream — 4 tbsp Walnuts — 200 g Cooking time: 90 minutes Number of servings: 20 The recipe for “shortbread Cookies with walnuts”: Bon appetit