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    Homemade cutlets

    For a long time I have not the tasty burgers. I thought that meat should be a lot of eggs, onions, garlic, and especially the bread quite a bit. Following this principle, I was getting dry, hard, shapeless lumps. And so it was until, until I stumbled on the Internet an interesting article, revealing the secrets of the Soviet cutlets. Armed with this information, went to cook. The result exceeded all my expectations! Juicy, beautiful, delicate, delicious burgers, which remain after heating in the microwave. Share with you the recipe!

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    The biscuit with homemade ricotta and mushrooms

    When I made the curd, I had a great serum. And I promised you that continued! Meet – homemade ricotta! A great biscuit with her. Tender dough and delicious filling made the biscuit of our favourite savoury baking! Ingredients for “Biscuit with homemade ricotta and mushrooms”: The dough Butter — 70 g Yolk egg — 1 piece Yogurt (with leaven Oursson) — 2 tbsp Flour / Flour (250ml) — 1 Cup. Salt — 1/2 tsp. Sugar (no slides) — 1 tbsp Filling read more

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    Homemade pilaf pork

    Prepare homemade dishes of pork belly. This simple recipe can be a real godsend for lovers of good food. A wonderful dish made from standard ingredients. Ingredients for “Homemade pilaf pork”: Figure (long grain) — 500 g Pork (brisket or podcherevok) — 1 kg Carrots — 1 piece Onion — 2 PCs Sunflower oil — 200 ml Garlic — 5 a tooth. Black pepper — to taste Salt — to taste Cooking time: 60 minutes Servings: 4 Recipe “Homemade pilaf pork”: read more

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    To insist on: five recipes of homemade alcoholic beverages

    The onset of autumn and the coming winter, alas, bring cold, damp, rain, sleet, frost. And therefore, what? Clothing is getting warmer, the dishes are hot and filling, and the drinks… As in the famous song: the drinks stronger, shorter words… so I want to offer you tested and what we confess, tried and tested recipes. Collected in the pile, ugh, leaflets with recipes for the whole edition, based on the opinions of those about these liquer knows firsthand. In General, cute, doubt, let’s go tear chernoplodku, viburnum and hawthorn and the berries to insist on alcohol or vodka, then a little to use in the winter to keep warm…

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    Homemade cake Snickers

    I want to share with you our family recipe for Snickers cake. Ingredients for “Homemade Snickers”: Egg white — 15 PCs Sugar (1,5 stack. in cream) — 4.5 stack. Walnuts — 2.5 stack. Crackers — 3 tbsp. Starch — 3 tbsp. Cocoa powder (4 tbsp in the cream) — 13 tbsp. Yolk egg (Cream) — 15 PCs Sour cream (Cream) — 3 tbsp. Butter (Cream) — 500 g Cooking time: 120 minutes Number of servings: 20 Recipe “Homemade cake Snickers”: read more

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    Homemade cream

    Cream of any fat content you can make at home! Particularly important for smaller cities where the problem is to buy them! Ingredients for “Homemade cream”: Milk (2,5%) — 100 g Butter (82.5% of qualitative) — 80 g Preparation time: 10 minutes Recipe “Homemade cream”: Butter cut into small cubes or grate on a grater. The milk is heated. Do not boil! add a little and wait until it is completely melted. Break blender with blades 3-4 minutes.. Cover with film contact. Leave overnight in the fridge read more

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    8 unexpected ingredients for homemade wine. Plants for flavor and aroma

    Zealous host garden of posvyashaetsya continuing the theme of useful plants, which we grow at their dachas and harvests while Hiking and camping, today we will talk about those types, which are used in the preparation of home-made wines Plants to impart special flavor and aroma of homemade benammi pay attention to Botanical portraits of plants, consider the basic requirements for raw materials, will get acquainted with the amazing secrets of making some homemade wine Range of herbs for home winsupersite, herbs can be any, but the cooking principle will remain unchanged:either prepare herbal infusions and introducing them into wine;or the insistence fault for dry herbs read more

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    Homemade dark chocolate

    Oh that sweet word chocolate. Many love him, but few know that it can be prepared by. And it will be not only useful, but tasty. My whole kitchen now smells sweet aroma of chocolate… And it is divine. This recipe is a classic chocolate. Ingredients for “Homemade dark chocolate”: Cocoa mass — 200 g Cocoa butter — 50 g Powdered sugar — 100 g Butter — 20 g Water — 2 tbsp Cooking time: 30 minutes Servings: 4 Recipe “Homemade dark chocolate”: read more

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    Recipe of the day: Homemade teriyaki sauce

    All of you surely know the method of cooking teriyaki. In addition, there is incredibly tasty, traditional Oriental cuisine thick sweet-salty sauce with hints of garlic and ginger It is versatile: perfect for meat, fish and poultry, and grilled or boiled vegetables, rice. It can also serve as a great marinade for: fish, meat, poultry, marinated in sauce, come out incredibly juicy and delicious. This wonderful sauce is quite simple to prepare, and you can easily make it at home What you will need:250 g of soy соуса200 g воды200 g cane сахара1 tbsp Apple уксуса1 tbsp potato крахмала1 clove чеснока1 tsp grated root imperatorin the ginger RUB on a…

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    Homemade cheese coated

    Very tasty and healthy cheese. Ingredients for “Homemade glazed cheese”: Cheese — 540 g Butter — 100 g Powdered sugar — to taste Dark chocolate — 200 g White chocolate — 200 g Recipe “Homemade chocolate glazed curd bars”: In curd add the butter and powdered sugar. Good blend it. Curd is ready. Chocolate melt in a water bath or in the microwave. Form grease with the chocolate and put into the freezer for 10 minutes. read more