How to choose the right med and not run into a fake

The honeymoon season in full swing, and Moscow fairs, the citizens are offered a variety of varieties — from Siberia to Krasnodar Krai. What guided the choice, and how not to buy a fake — the material of the portal Moscow 24
Useful properties About the miraculous properties of honey is legendary. First and foremost, it has a positive effect on the immune system and strengthens the body’s resistance to various diseases and strengthens the nervous system. In addition, honey holds the calcium in the body, thereby strengthening teeth, nails and bones. Also fix problems with teeth and bleeding gums will help a honeycomb, which must be chewed in the mouth: they contain propolis, well known as a prophylactic against caries

Beneficial effect the honey has on the respiratory system. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it effectively works as a cough and sore throat. Also it helps to improve function of digestive system, removes toxins from the body and normalizes the bowels. Especially good honey from sunflower that gently envelops the stomach wall and intestines. Acacia honey is used for eye disease, and buckwheat contains a lot of iron, so it is recommended to take people with anemia and anemia. Well, if you want to improve the condition of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder, eat lime honey: it reduces inflammation, also sometimes it is used as a laxative
Head of training and production center of beekeeping Timiryazev agricultural Academy Michael Embulaev believes that the most important quality of honey is the energy we can get from him directly. Why man is able to withstand temperatures from -50 degrees in the coldest regions to 100 degrees, while in the bath? This is due to the oxidation of the monosaccharides in the blood. “Honey, this is the monosaccharide that is directly from under the tongue starts to enter the blood. It does not need rasschiplyat, bee has already done it for us, and the finished product goes straight into the blood,” said Embulaev
Sole: with caution you need to use honey for Allergy sufferers. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include sneezing, hives, runny nose, itchy eyes and even swelling Kwinke, which become very swollen skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles
How to choose a med and now let’s talk about the most important things to look for when choosing a honey

1. The honey should be pretty thick and transparent. Although the viscosity can also depend on the grade the cleaner the honey, the longer it remains liquid
2. If the honey is in the Bank, in view of the mass should be homogeneous and evenly distributed. If the bottom he is an ass, and on top of the liquid, we can safely say that before you dilute the product. The exception is buckwheat honey
3. When pouring the honey should be viscous and flow by a single thread. And even if the “thread” broke on the surface to form a slide which will gently melt and flow into the overall mass. Try to dip in the honey spoon and see what happens. With a good part of the latest drop needs to “catch up” to the spoon and the defective product quickly merge and can even splatter

4. From natural honey has slightly pinching the throat, like a slight burning sensation. It is called enzymes that are in it

5. Trust your taste sensations. Everyone who already tried the honey, able to distinguish the flavors of lime, acacia, buckwheat, sunflower varieties
6. Buy the product from reliable sellers. If you know that person is a beekeeper and every year puts your honey for sale — it is a guarantee that you will not be deceived. At the annual fairs people go mostly to “their” vendors and do not choose honey price or appearance
Methods of tampering There are several ways to fake honey. The easiest is when you actually cook the sugar and add a little of this honey. This fake is easy to recognize in consistency and slightly pronounced taste, which, in addition to sweets, there is little that feels
Another option that should not be carried out buckthorn honey. It is often sold as an expensive and exclusive product, which is rarely seen on sale. But the trick is that sea buckthorn is not a honey plant: this shrub are wind-pollinated; (i.e. the bees in this process do not participate)
The chestnut honey is also rarely seen on the shelves. It exists, but in very small amounts, so sometimes prevent it with crap and sell it as honey brown. Few people know the taste of chestnut honey, so buyers fall for this simple trick. Another option, when the chestnut honey mixed with the more popular buckwheat or clover. The quality of honey will not deteriorate, but the deception is that the buyer acquires them at a higher price
Often blended and the honey sunflower: it’s pretty inexpensive, so it is hampered with darker varieties. The honey will still be good, but issued for a different kind: make it beautiful for the successful implementation

Also, do not respond to the active marketing moves. It can be beautiful jars with labels that overlap the appearance of honey. Various additives, bright colors and flashy names, too, only cover defective med

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