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Cake “Chucky”

Beautiful, megacolony cake from Chef Andy. Moist chocolate cakes with vanilla layered with white chocolate. Top cake covered in Italian meringue. The author was preparing a cake for Halloween (hence the name) and made it frighteningly black. My version is quite peaceful. Perfect for any day!

Ingredients for “Cake “Chucky””:


  • Chicken egg

    3 PCs

  • Sugar

    400 g

  • Butter

    95 g

  • Yogurt

    600 g

  • Flour



    340 g

  • Leavening agent

    15 g

  • Cocoa powder

    125 g

  • Vegetable oil

    95 g

  • Salt

    1 depot.


  • Gelatin

    10 g

  • Vanilla

    0,5 PCs

  • Sugar

    20 g

  • Yolk egg

    60 g

  • White chocolate

    95 g

  • Cream


    420 g


  • Egg white

    90 g

  • Sugar

    180 g

  • Water

    45 ml

  • The food dye

    to taste

  • Citric acid

    0,25 tsp.

Cooking time: 120 minutes

Servings: 10

Recipe “Cake “Chucky””:

Sugar (you can take 50:50 with white), beat eggs on high speed to form a white foam (!). Add both types of oil (butter-melt and cool to room temperature), followed by the yogurt. To enter this all carefully so as not severely damage the fluffiness foam..

Mix the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, cocoa, and salt.

To introduce gently the dry ingredients into the beaten egg mass and stir. If a mixer, then, best of all, at low speed with a paddle “paddle”.

Prepare three forms of the same diameter (18 cm) and pour the batter into the molds. Bake at 140 for about 45-75 minutes all three layers.

To give the cakes are completely cool, wrap with foil and cool them for about 4 hours (I left overnight).

Prepare a layer. Soak in ice water sheet gelatin. Aromatizers cream.
120 grams of cream to boil half a vanilla bean (cut lengthwise and with a knife to release seeds)

With a whisk mix the egg yolks and sugar.

Boiling cream into the yolks with the sugar (remove the vanilla pod) stirring constantly to warm up. Return them to the stove (preferably in a water bath) and cook until thick. Remove from heat, add the squeezed out gelatine, chocolate (I finely chopped the tile) and mix.
Pierce the mass in a blender. Cooling to 32 degrees.

At this time, whip the remaining 300 grams of cream to confident peaks. To introduce the cooled cream and stir.

To assemble the cake. Better to do it in the ring, lined with acetate film. Cakes to trim, cut off the tip. Thus also open the pores. Lay the first cake on it and apply half of the cream, then the second, and again cream. The third layer left uncovered.
Top cover with wrap and put into the refrigerator to stabilize the mousse (minimum 4 hours)

To prepare the Italian meringue to cover the cake. In a ladle to pour the hot water and then (!) – add sugar, colouring and stir, bring to a boil. After that, not to interfere, or to do it out of necessity and very carefully!!!

By the time the syrup will be brought to 118-120 degrees should be beaten egg whites with a pinch of salt in a solid foam. Add the citric acid. Pouring a thin stream of syrup, continue to whisk the egg whites until the formation of a glossy surface and strong peaks

Apply the meringue to the cake from all sides. To get the “thorns” we have to put in the spatula to the meringue and then quickly tear it from her. That’s the whole secret!

Decorate at will.

About the breakdown remembered on the second day, so all have carried away, when the cake was ready. Still managed to do it on the rest of the cake.

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