Bears of the Yekaterinburg zoo, asked apples from growers

In Yekaterinburg zoo invites gardeners to participate in promotions and share the surplus harvest. So, for example, bears can be happy sweet apples, reported Monday, August 27, “AIF-Ural”
Gardeners can share the apples, berries, squash, pumpkins and fresh greens from the Ekaterinburg zoo. All that will go to food for Pets. So, sweet apples will be given to bears, frozen berries will get birds, and the foliage and the pumpkins will be glad the elephant Dasha

“All the fruits, berries and greens should be fresh and of good quality, because we give our animals only the best products,” — noted in a zoo of Yekaterinburg
Leave treats for the animals at the service entrance to the zoo from the street Lunacharsky. The surplus crop take from 7 to 22 hours

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