A nutritionist told me how to eat meat for proper weight loss

PhD in the field of dietetics Queen Margaret in the air NSN noted the importance of a balanced diet for weight loss
In the network appeared the new trend diet on the same meat. Proponents of this diet consume only water and meat, sometimes with a pinch of salt and condiments, says ScienceAlert. The diet strictly prohibits any carbohydrates, vegetables or anything that’s not alive

Wide popularity this diet acquired after it told an academic from the University of Toronto in Canada, Jordan Peterson. Exclusive use of meat also supports lost license to practice medicine Sean Baker, whose group on the social network Facebook has almost 20 thousand followers
However, scientists say that a meat diet is more dangerous to the human body than helpful. Experts insist on a balanced diet, which includes fruits, vegetables and other sources of vitamins and nutrients. The correct approach to losing weight with meat NSN told the candidate of medical Sciences in the field of dietetics Queen Margaret
“The program of reduction of weight should be used in a variety of foods with gentle treatment to get all the nutrients that are included in those biochemical processes that are aimed at the process of weight loss and also speed up the metabolism, provide a good detoxify the body and enrich the body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, supporting the immune system. Sources of complete protein is very important in weight loss programs due to the fact that they not only support immunity, but the recycling process sources of protein is enough energy for the body. By increasing dietary thermogenesis, the metabolic rate increases 25-30%, and this is a very good resource for parting with excess weight,” said nutritionist
In addition, sources of complete protein are embedded in muscle tissue, which also affects the speed of metabolic processes, noticed a Queen. According to her, protein is needed as building material for all cells, including thyroid hormones and hormones of the reproductive zone. The nutritionist said that meat in the diet needs to be combined with vegetables

The nutritionist explained, who is helpful to starve “Sources of protein, such as meat, and particularly poultry, must be combined in a dish with plant components, with vegetables, with complex carbohydrates. Vegetable fibers go through the intestines, gently stimulating and massaging the hairs, contributing to the production secrets and enzymes that will directly participate in the absorption of complete protein. The process of protein utilization is slowing down, but is very-very good. Besides fiber will intercept the excess saturated fat from the poultry and quickly withdraw from the body, to evacuate these unnecessary components. Therefore, these combinations, as a puzzle, the components in the dish, allow to make useful what is in our plate and to maintain a high nutritional value and good assimilation of those components,” explained the source NSN. However, eating meat should be approached with caution, added the Queen. For example, red meat is not recommended for use by people who have problems with cardiovascular system, tend to increase cholesterol and hypertension, said the nutritionist. “People from 40+ from the red meat, you can leave. Leave your diet of rabbit, Turkey, quail, Guinea fowl, chicken, as a source of complete protein. And of course, twice a week should be fish days, preferring to fish the Northern seas. Again, in combination with vegetable side dishes,” concluded the nutritionist. Earlier, the dietitian, the founder of one of the capital’s hospitals Lydia Ionova told NSN, what are the dangers of excluding carbohydrates from the diet will be high protein diet

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