Against the background of the growth of the well-known holding, as well as a significant increase in the number of restaurants with a family concept, where everything is presented: from sushi, pizza and pasta to khachapuri and khinkali, we decided to ask ourselves: what is Georgian cuisine. Just so as not to inadvertently confuse it with its closest brother – Caucasian cuisine.

So, for example, Elena Chernyshova, a PR specialist in the restaurant sector, notes that Georgian cuisine is impossible without suluguni, pickles, narsharab pomegranate sauce, green plum tkemali and, of course, wine. Marina Naumova adds to this list the characteristics: “bright”, “not spicy, but spicy” and “very varied”. “A lot of spices and fresh herbs are used, which give the food a charm and that very authentic taste,” explains the chef. – Georgian cuisine is unthinkable without pickled cheeses, without pastries, without meat on an open fire. There are many typical dishes – khinkali, khachapuri, kharcho, satsivi. Although a simple list of “fresh hot bread, cheese and wine” is also about Georgia. “