Here are 10 films about cooking, restaurant business and gluttony.

“Chef on Wheels”, 2014

If you are a chef in a restaurant that does not belong to you, there will be trouble. They will restrict your creative nature, and generally spoil the mood in every possible way. Chef Karl Kasper (Jon Favreau) felt on his own skin all this “unbearable weight of life.” After going through many bad moments, with the help of friends, as happens in all films about a dream, he made his own van with Cuban food. What came of it – see for yourself.

The movie is simple, but very kind and appetizing. We do not recommend taking it on an empty stomach.

“Toast”, 2010

The film is based on real events: in the 50s of the XX century, there was a boy whose mother could only cook bread in a toaster and canned meals. The boy had a real culinary talent, and he could hardly bear such an attitude towards food. Although he loved his mother, like any normal child. The name of the main character of the film is Nigel Slater (played by Freddie Highmore). Now this name is known all over England and a good half of the world. How and why it all worked out – 1 hour and 36 minutes of screen time. As “the cherry on the cake” – Helena Bonham Carter as the protagonist’s stepmother.

Spices and Passions, 2014

Two restaurants on the same street face each other: Indian and French cuisine. Different cultures, languages ​​and worldviews. What awaits the owners – competition or partnership? Another film based on the book, bright and beautiful, with beautifully filmed scenes of working in the kitchen.

if you love not devoid of exoticism simple stories with a good ending – it is definitely for you. In addition, in “Spices” you can see the talented Helen Mirren as the owner of an expensive restaurant, Madame Mallory.

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“Julie and Julia: Making a recipe for happiness”, 2009

Nora Efron is a master of making high-quality and positive films. Americans love her melodramas very much, and so do we. We empathize, rejoice and sad along with the heroes: everything is as it should be.

The movie is divided into two equal parts: a cuts of scenes from the life of Julia Child (Meryl Streep), the legendary American chef, author of the book “Basics of French Cuisine”, interspersed with a story about the girl Julia Powell (Amy Adams). Many years later, she set herself the goal of preparing all the dishes from the book of her namesake in 365 days and decided to blog about it. This, of course, changed her life forever.

We recommend to all gourmets and simply lovers of standing at the stove. Especially you will be surprised by Adams: it is difficult to recognize the actress who played in the popular TV series Sharp Objects.

“Chocolate”, 2000

Fairy tales are not only for children, but also for adults. This one, of course, is for those who are older. The main character Vienne has a gift – she makes the most delicious chocolate in the world and knows how to accurately guess the preferences of her customers. All her life, a woman wanders along with the north wind and cannot stop until she comes to one small and very conservative town.

“Chocolate” is another film adaptation of the book, which has received various reviews from readers. But it is impossible to look without pleasure either at young Johnny Depp, at the beautiful Juliette Binoche, or at the charismatic Judi Dench.

“Irresistible Martha”, 2001 / remake of “Taste of Life”, 2007

These two films were based on a similar, but not entirely identical script and were shot 6 years apart: one in Europe, the other in Hollywood. The plot is simple: Marta is a wonderful cook, she lives only by her work. In addition, she has nothing, but when her sister dies in a car accident, leaving her little daughter, the heroine’s life changes at one moment.

The Taste of Life is brighter and tells more about love than about pain. This film looks easier than the first one. But if you’d rather go back to the original and love the dull early 00s picture, then go back to the 2001 version.

“Soul Kitchen”, 2009

Fatih Akin is an excellent director, and he managed to convey the specifics of the life of the Greek Germans, to register each character. So good that you want to take off your metaphysical hat in front of him. Zinos Kazantzakis (Adam Buzdukos) is the owner of a small restaurant that serves all kinds of simple food for uncontrolled belly stuffing.

Zinos likes his work and life’s work, even if the income is small. But then problems begin to pour in one after another, and everything begins to crumble. Together with the personal life of the owner himself.

The film is funny, despite its supposed drama, and dramatic, despite the deliberate ease of presentation.

“Woman from above”, 2000

Isabella (Penelope Cruz) and her husband Toninho (Murilo Benicio) have a successful restaurant in Brazil. One day the husband cheats on his wife, and she, offended by the whole world, flies to San Francisco, where she becomes the host of a culinary show.

The film is a story of the struggle for love not only with the object of feeling, but also with the gods themselves. Surreal, funny, with a twinkle and amazing Latin American music.

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“Cook for the President”, 2012

Hortense Laborie (Catherine Fro) is a famous French chef. A woman chef in the world of haute cuisine, whatever one may say, is under attack, you cannot get away from gender stereotypes. The place of a woman in the kitchen, but only in the home – that’s all. And if a woman becomes the president’s own cook, then the problems will be 100%. This movie, like all the films in the collection, is not really about the kitchen. And about how in circumstances you can preserve not only the best qualities of a professional, but also a person.