Japan is the country with the most Michelin stars, and Tokyo is considered the gastronomic capital of the world. I recently visited this “eccentric”, but madly logical country, and it’s time to tell what I ate there.

Alisa Abaeva

I did not visit Michelin restaurants, but tried to choose the places where ordinary Japanese eat. The number of locals per square meter of the establishment was of great importance. According to my observations, the Japanese are very fond of eating. They are even ready to stand in lines at their favorite eatery. It’s hard to imagine such a thing in Moscow, because if there are no vacant places, we just go to another institution. What I tried there and where to find these dishes in Moscow – further in the text.

Sushi (aka sushi)

In Japan, the letter “sh” is pronounced like the sound “s”. I liked the sushi the most, especially the kaiten zushi or the carousel sushi. You come to a restaurant, sit down at the table, and plates with different sushi are constantly going in front of you. You just take the ones you like, and at the end of the meal, the waiter counts your plates, each of which has its own price. Fish and seafood are freshly caught. Go to any sushi bar and enjoy.

суши суси блюда японской кухни где есть японскую кухню в москве

Okonomiyaki (aka Japanese pizza)

Okonomiyaki is a popular Japanese street food. Of course, this is not very similar to the usual pizza, but the essence is the same. On a special teppan stove, chefs fry a cake with various ingredients inside: cabbage, egg, tuna and others, and then pour a special sauce on top.

Okonomiyaki Japanese pizza Japanese cuisine where to try Japanese cuisine in Moscow

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Gudon is a very simple and understandable dish for a Russian person. It’s just a bowl of Japanese rice and beef stew with onions. However, I did not like the high fat content of the beef. In Moscow, this dish is prepared with more meat than fat.

gyudon Japanese cuisine where to try Japanese cuisine in Moscow

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Sashimi (aka sashimi)

A heavenly pleasure in divine raw fish or seafood. Sashimi is a fillet cut into small pieces and served with soy sauce and sometimes rice. Some are afraid to eat raw, but if you go to proven popular establishments, then you will get nothing but pleasure.

сашими сасими блюда японской кухни где пробовать японскую кухню в москве


Another very common street food that I first learned about back in Moscow in the Japanese bistro J’PAN is takoyaki. These are balls of batter that are fried in a special pan with hemispherical indentations. An octopus is put inside (in Japan I saw only him) and then poured with sauce, mayonnaise and sprinkled with tuna chips. Verdict: takoyaki is clearly not baked there, the dough remains too liquid inside. But you should definitely try.

такояки блюда японской кухни где пробовать японскую кухню в москве

Matcha ice cream

In Japan there is a cult of matcha tea, so you can find a lot of products and dishes with it in the composition. The biggest blow fell on desserts, which is not surprising, because matcha goes well with sweets. Most of all I remember the ice cream matcha, which I ate almost every day and now, sitting at home, I humbly dream of it. Try everything that says “matcha”, it’s almost always delicious. But matcha latte is such a popular drink with us, I almost never met it, and if I did, it was tasteless and only in cow’s milk. In Moscow, in some places of the match, latte is just a bomb.

блюда японской кухни где пробовать японскую кухню в москве матча-мороженоге


Bento are food boxes that are sold in any stores, supermarkets and kiosks. Ready-made lunches look much more presentable than their Russian counterparts, and I was not at all afraid to take them from the store. Bento contains rice, meat or fish, and fresh or pickled vegetables. Every housewife in Japan should be able to make beautiful bento.

бэнто блюда японской кухни где пробовать японскую кухню в москве


Wagyu beef is famous all over the world due to its rich taste, marbling and high cost. Meat can be found both in the markets (in the form of a shashlik) and in restaurants. My advice is to choose a good place with positive reviews. It’s still more of a restaurant product.

wagyu Japanese cuisine where to try Japanese cuisine in Moscow

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Do you think there is some special secret in Japanese fried thin dumplings with a variety of fillings. No, nothing special at all, because these are just fried dumplings. Perhaps sour cream would correct the situation (but this is not certain).

гедза японские пельмени блюда японской кухни где пробовать японскую кухню в москве


In fact, ramen is a soup made with wheat noodles. It is inexpensive, and it is very problematic to finish eating due to the size of the portion and the richness of the broth. It takes many hours to prepare it. The rules are as follows – drink the broth with a spoon, and use your chopsticks to suck in the hot noodles, while simultaneously eating meat, chicken, fish, eggs or vegetables. Tip: before visiting ramen, it is advisable to be brutally hungry.

рамен лапша блюда японской кухни где пробовать японскую кухню в москве

Where is Japanese food in Moscow?

Comparing the dishes that are prepared in our country and in Japan, I came to the conclusion that food is tastier in Moscow restaurants. Therefore, I highly recommend exploring the Japanese cuisine presented in Moscow. This can be done in establishments such as: J’PAN on Tsvetnoy Boulevard or in “Depot” (drinks from matcha, matcha ice cream – in summer season, gyudon, takoyaki, tayaki, okonomiyaki), RA’MEN (ramena, gedza, matcha), Touch of matcha (drinks from the match, desserts from the match), “KU: Ramen Izakaya Bar” (ramen, gedza, wagyu, rolls), Tokyo sushi (sushi, rolls, sashimi), Fumisawa sushi (sushi, rolls, sashimi), Matcha way corner (matcha ice cream – in the summer season), “Coffeemania” (drinks from the match).