Odessa cuisine is aromatic, hospitable, generous and leaves no one aside. AT restaurant “Babel” Both a vegetarian and a vegan will find their tsimes. For those who care not only about their figure, but also about our smaller brothers, the restaurant team will cover a “glade” of appetizers, first, second, dessert and will not forget about compote. Brand chef Alena Komar will not let anyone go hungry. Vegetables are at the head of the table!

The biggest a chain of wine bars in Moscow “Wine Bazaar” offers vegetarian guests dishes from vegetables that will not seem bland and monotonous. Light tapas, salads and rolls charge positively and perfectly complement the wine, which is an excellent choice here at extremely affordable prices.

Guacamole, quinoa and sweet potato

Prime new generation fast food chain vegetarian dishes vegan meals meat-free meals from plant products

Baked Vegetable Sandwich

Green salad with guacamole bar dancing

Green salad with guacamole