The rent has been paid, the renovation is done, is the cafe ready to receive guests large and small? From the conditional 4 million rubles, you will have 250 thousand. What to spend this money on?

1. Marketing activity before opening. Posters, balloons, brochures, and handouts all cost money.

2. Ordering cleaning. The day before the opening, the restaurant should shine both outside and inside.

3. Salary for staff.

Hiring workers will begin long before the opening. In two weeks, the chef, sous-chef, and cooks begin to work out the menu. At the same time, a manager appears in the cafe, who is engaged in the selection of personnel, orders dishes and printing. A week before the opening, administrators, waiters, bartenders and washers join the team.

I advise novice businessmen not to inflate the staff: for example, an accountant can be outsourced, now there are a dozen companies that provide such services.

So 4 million rubles have ended. For this amount, it is possible to open your own family restaurant in St. Petersburg. Prices in the regions will differ significantly, the cost may drop by 2 times.