Molon Lave Restaurant – 5 years
The address: Bolshaya Gruzinskaya, 39

Molon Lave is translated from Greek – “Come and take”. It is simply impossible to say how many times I have been here. And in a large company of friends, and on the first date, and when I wanted Greek wine on the summer veranda at the end of a long day. Everything from food is excellent: zucchini meatballs, dzaziki, squid with feta, crispy porous Greek bread, it is impossible to stop. Accompanied by a large card of Greek wine. Every Friday the Greeks dance here and invite you to a real celebration of life with loud music, rhythmic sirtaki and Greek wine flowing like a river.

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Greek salad

Wine Bazaar Restaurant on Komsomolsk – 5 years
The address: Komsomolsky pr., 14/1, bldg. 2

A small, cozy bar, which began rather as an experiment, stirred up the restaurant market and paid close attention to wine not as a drink for a holiday, but as a daily one. After 5 years, it’s hard to imagine that we were afraid to go to a glass of wine and give a decent part of our salary. The prices in the “Bazaars” are very affordable. By the way, the most active regular guests opened their wine projects inspired by Komsomolsk.

Restaurant “Turandot” – 14 years old
The address: Tverskoy Boulevard, 26, building 3

A work of art, restaurant-theater. The authors of the project of the Turandot Palace are the owner of Maison Dellos, Russian entrepreneur, restaurateur, professional architect and artist-restorer Andrei Konstantinovich Dellos and Honored Artist of Russia, decorator Alexander Popov. Having opened back in 2005, the restaurant has been under construction for 6 years. Now people come to Turandot for the best dim sum in town, black cod in Sha Cha sauce and exotic soup with shark fin.

Christian Restaurant – 6 years
The address: Kutuzovsky prospect, 2/1 str. 1A

In early October, Christian Restaurant celebrated its sixth birthday with a six-day gastronomic festival. Tuscan chef Cristiano Lorenzini can often be found in the restaurant. The bright interior, homemade Italian cuisine has already mixed a little with Moscow classics like hummus and avocado cake, but all this does not matter, because the author’s dishes make the mood much better.

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Brasserie Lambic Belgian restaurant chain Belgian beer

Lambic Arbatskaya

Torro Grill restaurant chain – 10 years
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Torro Grill is a large chain of democratic meat restaurants with an affordable price tag for almost 10 years. The flagship steakhouse at Belorusskaya is always full of people. What is the secret of success? Legendary roast beef, juicy burgers and brutal steaks – from 800 rubles for an alternative cut. The guys have saved both face and prices in the world of sanctions.

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The chain of democratic meat restaurants Torro Grill steak house steaks burgers

Torro Grill Belarusian

Glenuill Restaurant – 5 years
The address: st. Sadovaya-Samotechnaya, 20, bldg. 1

The name is composed of 2 names of brilliant chefs – Glen Ballis and William Lamberti, who now have nothing to do with the restaurant. In more than 5 years there have been many changes at Glenuill, but we are surprised to say that nothing has changed since their collaboration. The menu contains the same perfect carrots with smoked sour cream, exemplary hummus, tuna burger.