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Who’s Who: World Chef Day

– How and why did you become a chef?

– When I studied in Germany, I also worked as a cook. It was there that I met those people who really motivated, inspired, then my eyes “lit up”, which contributed to the choice of the profession of a chef as the main one.

– Why do you love your job? And what is the most difficult and unpleasant thing?

– I love my profession for … there are a lot of points that can be listed endlessly. I love to cook, this work allows creativity, it is not monotonous. There is a lot of communication, gastronomic travel to other cities of Russia and countries of the world.

What’s not to like … Of course, this is that basically all of the time the chef devotes to work, and very little time is left for his personal life. In addition to this moment, there is a factor of fatigue in the kitchen, for example, heat from stoves, steam from dishes, and sometimes there is no time to sit down, not something to eat, but there is something in it! (Smiling)

– Describe your work in three words.

– Three words will not work, only if so: I love my job!

– Do you cook at home? What’s your signature homemade dish?

– I cook very rarely at home, any cook here will understand me. And if I cook, then mainly for a large company a full set of Georgian cuisine. There is more than one signature dish, for example, kuchmachi with kupat, kharcho, pkhali from green beans with hominy and always a vegetable salad.

– What can you advise young chefs?

– I advise young chefs to show more interest in details, which are determined not only by the preparation of dishes, but also by self-development. You need to be an interesting person in everything, not just in cooking.

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