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Eating Outdoors: 9 Summer Food Festivals

5 days ago

Who’s Who: World Chef Day

- How and why did you become a chef?- When I studied in Germany, I also worked as a cook.…

2 weeks ago

What is in Japan: 10 dishes you can try in Moscow

Japan is the country with the most Michelin stars, and Tokyo is considered the gastronomic capital of the world. I…

2 weeks ago

Time to eat: toban with sea bass, trophy with tuna and signature rum baba

Restaurant "Erwin RiverMoreOkean"Address: Kutuzovsky pr., 2/1, bldg. 6Three years ago, Alexander Rappoport opened an even more luxurious restaurant on the…

1 month ago

Custard lightning: where there are eclairs in Moscow

Confectionery "Love and Sweets"Address: Teatralniy pr., 5, building 1, (territory of the Central Children's World, gastro gallery, 0 floor)Telephone: +7…

1 month ago