Top Restaurant Dishes for Those Aiming for Size S

3 hours ago

Easter in isolation: Easter cakes and colored eggs from Moscow restaurants

Restaurant of Russian cuisine # Siberia Siberia to order offers butter cakes with saffron, turmeric, cardamom, candied Siberian cranberries, cherries…

1 day ago

Weirder and weirder, weirder and weirder: extraordinary restaurants in the world. Part II

We continue to look at the wonderful gastronomic world around.Bird's Nest RestaurantYou can go to your beloved Tai not only…

1 day ago

Openings: 6 new restaurants in February

1 day ago

Pancake burger, khinkali pancakes and traditional: Maslenitsa in restaurants

All at onceIN restaurant "Who Lives Well" Shrovetide is celebrated with a compact pancake set, which is supposed to be…

1 day ago

Toast with camel meat and topless Dj: February 23 in Moscow restaurants

IN Armenian cuisine restaurant Gayane's all men will be treated vegetable tincture and kavurma appetizer. The most interesting thing is…

1 day ago