The restaurant has two halls – the first and the second floor, with a capacity of 70 people. There is also a separate bar where guests can enjoy cocktails in the evenings and listen to guest DJs. By the way, about the bar list: emphasizing the concept of an urban resort even more, here they pay special attention to it. All ingredients are mainly seasonal and contribute to creating fresh cocktails with vibrant flavors. As a result, you can find a combination of limoncello and absinthe in the Flowers in the Mirror cocktail, pear-infused vodka with herbal liqueur in 17/15, and other bold mixes from the experienced chef-bartender Vitaly Skripchinsky (“Chinese letter”, Mr. Help & Friends, “Mummy Troll”, UGOLEK).

The local cuisine plays well with light cocktails. No, here she is not put in second place, she is just an abundance of delicious snacks. Chef Konstantin Tsegoev puts the Spanish favorite tapas and pintxos with the widest variety of fillings at the forefront: from the most delicate rabbit pate to exquisite sweet pompita with goat cheese and raspberries. Yes, as in the bar, the menu is full of unusual combinations, take only tuna tartare, which is served with a mango sauce – passionfruit and coconut milk.

Tuna tartare with mango sauce

Little Garden Kitchen & Bar, duck with vegetables

Duck fillet with sweet vegetable sauté