The work of waiters is not the most rewarding and pleasant, because every day they have to deal with different people, often not quite well-mannered. But this lucky eight got lucky one day. Very large.

Single mother Kristen Ruggiero received $ 458 tip, despite the fact that the amount for a dinner for a married couple of regulars was only $ 42. At first, the waitress thought they had just confused the $ 100 bills with the $ 10 bills. But they assured her that there was no mistake, it was just gratitude for the quality service.

Mohammed Sehani Received $ 4,000 Tips from American actor Johnny Depp, who has become a frequent visitor to their establishment. According to the waiter, the actor is not arrogant and pleasant to talk to, which distinguishes him from the rest of the famous visitors whom Mohammed happened to serve.

Young waiter Greg Rubar lost a car during a flood. Upon learning of this, his regular visitors left large tip of $ 5,000, although the cost of this family’s dinner was only $ 27. Greg did not want to take such a reward for his work, but the couple insisted that the waiter buy a new car. They agreed not to leave the guy for tea for a while.

Waiter with tray

Trinity College Freshman Abigail Sailors Tips $ 6,000 after telling a young couple of visitors about her orphanage past and difficulties in paying for tuition. The couple was imbued with the girl’s story and decided to help her by leaving a large tip. By the way, this is the first time Abigail has served these visitors, so miracles happen in the service sector too.

And here Jessica Osborne even more fortunate. The girl had to leave college due to financial difficulties, as she told her regular visitor Beck one Friday night. She, in turn, shared with Jessica her grief – the woman lost her daughter and husband in a car accident. After a heart-to-heart conversation, the visitor left a check for the waitress 10,000 dollarsso that she can continue her studies.

Another college student was incredibly lucky, because her regular client paid the full amount for her education, leaving Melissa Meiner whole $ 20,000 with an account for $ 3.5. The chairman of a well-known company, Benjamin, upon learning that the waitress dreams of becoming a nurse, decided to give her such an opportunity for constant excellent service. Today Melissa is a licensed nurse.

Change waiter

And here Tracy Dalton tried her luck by getting a lottery ticket instead of a tip from a regular customer. The waitress jokingly told the visitor that she would definitely inform him about her winnings, although she herself did not believe in luck, even a little upset. But what was the surprise of the girl when her ticket turned out to be a winning one. She shared $ 184,000 with the donor of the ticket. The tip was equal to $ 92,000

The biggest lucky woman in our top is Phyllis Penzo, to which a regular client, instead of a tip, offered to pick up the numbers with him on a lottery ticket. He promised to split the money in half if he won. The woman worked as a waitress for 20 years and did not believe in such luck. A few days later, the client announced to Phyllis that she had become richer in 3,000,000 dollars… At the moment, this is the largest tip in the world ever received by a waiter. The story was even featured in the film “Happy Accident” starring Nicolas Cage.

This is how sometimes “thankless work” becomes a real gift of fate for those who no longer believe in its favor.

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