Confectionery “Love and Sweets”
Address: Teatralniy pr., 5, building 1, (territory of the Central Children’s World, gastro gallery, 0 floor)
Telephone: +7 (925) 768-83-66

Family pastry shop of Sergei Zhukov and his wife Regina Burd… According to the founders, their desserts will certainly give love, and sometimes their children help to prepare amazing sweets. In the collection of the confectionery there are eclairs with classic flavors: vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, caramel, as well as oversized eclairs in the author’s design for different occasions and dates. These can be Easter, Valentine’s Day (“Shakespeare in love” or “Naughty Cupid”), a trip to parents (“Beloved mother”), February 23 (“Real men”) and the birthday of a child, for whom there is a large selection of glazed eclairs with seals for boys and girls. Prices for 4-piece sets start at 940 rubles.

There are 9 cafes in Moscow. A complete list of addresses can be found on the confectionery website.