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Signs of a quality delivery service + review of “Dodo Pizza” by Max Brandt


1. It is very important that there are photographs of the dishes on the delivery page. From the images it is immediately clear how the restaurateur relates to the matter. If the photo is of terrible quality or there are none at all, most likely, the food is also not very good.

2. Beside the photo AT A VISIBLE PLACE there should be brief information: price, weight / volume and composition of the dish.

3. An advantage will be the ability to choose a payment method: by card, cash to the courier, card to the courier. The option “tip to the courier online” is considered a plus.


1. Delivery time must be as stated on the website. If delivery is delayed and you are not warned about it, be sure to give feedback to support so that they can improve the service.

2. One of the fundamental criteria is the temperature: for hot dishes, the temperature should be at least 40⁰, for soups – about 50⁰, for soft drinks – about 15-17⁰. It is unpleasant to eat cold food, and the microwave will only worsen the taste of the dish, especially since it may not be there.

3. Transportation of hot and cold food must be carried out in different packages.

4. Branded packaging is a nice bonus. The number of cutlery should correspond to the number of dishes. There are never too many napkins.


1. I do not demand 100% match between the photo and the delivered dish, but the food should look appetizing. It is very important for couriers to know that pizza and khachapuri should only be carried horizontally, and unsealed soups or sauces are generally unacceptable.

2. Containers must be labeled with an indelible marker or have a legible sticker.

Well, and finally I will leave top 3 most capricious dishesdelivery to be avoided:

1. French fries. No one has ever delivered it crispy.

2. Steak. Packaged steaks inevitably become covered with condensation and arrive cold, wet, or simply tough.

3. Paste. There is a great chance to get it in one piece.

Well, now let’s go directly to the review! Today we will evaluate the pizza delivery from Dodo. DodoPizza is a brand name that has become famous for its quality, convenience and manufacturability. And if this is so – I’ll check it now!

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