When organizing a children’s party, parents should not forget that not all restaurants have a children’s menu. If the holiday is planned in a family establishment, you don’t have to worry about it – there will be suitable dishes for both children and adults. Create a menu from several positions so that guests have a choice. Plan your holiday in such a way that guests first taste the main dishes, and only then proceed to sweets.

To be nice surprise young guests and give originality to the celebration, organize a Candy Bar… The filling can be different: sweets, cupcakes, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, fruits and berries – let your imagination run wild. Arrange children’s bartender show with the preparation of milk and fruit cocktails, invite guests to participate in the design of a birthday cakeThus, you can solve two problems at once – and entertain the guests, and feed. In memory of the holiday, prepare small edible gifts, such as a cake or a personalized chocolate bar.