It is impossible not to fall in love with Warsaw: it is beautiful, cozy, hospitable and hospitable. There are many restaurants of national cuisine where Poles themselves and numerous tourists come to eat with pleasure.

In addition, you can taste the main national dishes in the capital of Poland quite inexpensively – the prices for food in Warsaw in ordinary cafes are about 10-20 zł per dish. And in some restaurants you can even dine for 18 zł, and we will just tell you about this a little below.

Zapiexy luxusowe

Zapiexy luxusoweHaven’t you had time to eat the famous Polish casseroles yet? Then be sure to check out this inexpensive fast food cafe on your way from the train station to the center of old Warsaw.

Here you can try about 20 types of huge mouth-watering and delicious sandwichesthat have become true classics of Polish fast food. They are made with a wide variety of fillings: salami, tomato and arugula / bacon, sheep cheese and onion / feta, cucumber and olives. There are even special vegetarian options such as spinach and tofu.

The cost of a standard sandwich is 7.50-12.50 zł, a large one – 10.50-16.50 zł. All food can be taken with you to take away.

Widok, 19

Mon-Thu 11: 00-23: 00, Fri 11: 00-04: 00, Sat 11: 00-03: 00, Sun 12: 00-22: 00


Groole, photoIf during a walk you find yourself near the Constitution Square in Warsaw, you can have a cheap meal in Groole. This place is a real oasis for baked potato lovers and a good option for all those who want a quick and inexpensive snack.

Turkey, chicken, salmon, beans, spinach, cheese, bacon are added to potatoes as toppings. In total, in the cafe you can choose from more than 10 fillings (+ 5-9 zł to the cost) and additionally order garlic sauce, yoghurt, cheese or fried onions (+ 1-2 zł) with your meal. “Naked” potatoes without filling costs 6/9 zł.

Jana i Jędrzeja Śniadeckich, 8

Mon-Sat 12: 00-22: 00, Sun 13: 00-20: 00

Mleczarnia Jerozolimska

Mleczarnia Jerozolimska, photoThis small self-service cafe is a good option for a cheap meal in the center of Warsaw. It is almost always crowded and crowded here. But each portion is a delight for an empty stomach, and prices are a balm for the soul of a thrifty tourist. For a quick snack, you can order pancakes (4-12 zł) or dumplings (9-12 zł). There are also soups and salads, and even a couple of vegetarian options.

Apart from the main menu, Mleczarnia Jerozolimska has many special budget offers. For example, In the morning, hearty breakfasts are served here for only 7.99 zł (for another 1 zł they will bring you a cup of coffee or tea). And in the afternoon you can dine for 17.99 zł – the lunch price includes a main dish with a side dish, salad and compote.

Emilii Plater, 47
Aleje Jerozolimskie, 32
Sienna, 83
See the rest of the addresses on the institution’s website

Mleczarnia Jerozolimska menu

Mon-Fri 9: 00-20: 00, Sat-Sun 11: 00-19: 00


Manekin, photoFor an inexpensive and tasty meal, you can go to any of the Manekin restaurants (there are two of them in Warsaw, they are also in other cities of Poland). One of these pleasant establishments is located near the Saxon Garden on Marszalkowska Street. It specializes in pancakes with different fillings and sauces – and each pancake is so large and satisfying that it completely satisfies an adult’s hunger (the price of a portion is 12-20 zł on average). Well, sweet pancakes with marshmallows or whipped cream and nutella are guaranteed to delight any sweet tooth.

Manekin also offers soups, salads and desserts, and drinks – juice, smoothies, tea, coffee, lemonade, beer and wine. The place is very popular in Warsaw, so you often have to stand in line to eat here.

Marszałkowska, 140
plac Konstytucji, 5

Manekin Restaurant Menu

Sun-Thu 9: 00-22: 00, Fri-Sat 9: 00-23: 00
Sun-Thu 10: 00-23: 00, Fri-Sat 10: 00-00: 00

Pyzy flaki gorace

Pyzy Flaki Gorace, photoAnyone who wants to experience real Polish cuisine in Warsaw should definitely take a look at the “Hot Dumplings and Flaks” – this is how the name of this remarkable place is translated in all respects. Along with dumplings, flaki – thick soup made from beef ventricle – is considered a real national gastronomic hit. And besides, lunch will also be inexpensive (the average bill is 30 zł for two).

The dishes are served, as in the old days at Polish bazaars, in glass jars. But if you are in a hurry or want to eat later, you can take your food with you.

Brzeska, 29/31

Pyzy Flaki Gorace menu

Mon-Sat 12: 00-22: 00, Sun 12: 00-21: 00ące

Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi

Gosciniec Polskie PierogiIn any of the three restaurants of this inexpensive chain in Warsaw, you will find the most popular and famous dishes of Polish cuisine. Most often, nearby students come to eat here, but such a democratic audience does not harm the institution at all – rather, it simply adds liveliness to it.

The classic zurek is traditionally served here in bread, and chicken liver with onions and apples is served in a cast-iron pan. In general, the menu is rich in favorite national dishes – it must include stuffed cabbage rolls, hearty pancakes, potato pancakes with goulash, Old Polish bigos with sauerkraut, sausage and prunes (all main dishes cost 23.90-25.90 zł). And, of course, dumplings – almost 20 types!

Podwale, 19
Krakowskie Przedmieście, 29
Nowy Świat, 41

Menu at Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi restaurant

Sun-Thu 11: 00-22: 00, Fri-Sat 11: 00-23: 00


Kuchnia Warszawska

Kuchnia Warszawska, photoThere is an excellent restaurant in the area of ​​the Centrum Science Copernicus Metro Station in Warsaw where you can eat tasty and inexpensive food. It is located in the building of the Logos hotel and specializes in traditional Polish dishes in a “Warsaw” style. At the same time, the atmosphere, furnishings and service of Kuchnia Warszawska resembles a respectable restaurant rather than a budget establishment, as one might think of it, looking at the price tag.

The menu presents an interesting palette of the most favorite dishes of Poles. Those who are already fed up with sandwiches and potatoes will be able to savor the excellent zhurek with grated horseradish and boiled egg (17 zł), baked duck with mashed potatoes (47 zł) and ribs with stewed cabbage (37 zł), eat dumplings with meat or blood sausage (6 pcs – 23 zł). Much to the delight of hungry guests, the portions in the restaurant are quite large – as well as almost everywhere in Poland.

Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie, 31/33

Kuchnia Warszawska restaurant menu

Sun-Tue 6: 30-20: 00, Wed-Sat 6: 30-22: 00

Restauracja Zapiecek

Restauracja Zapiecek, photoWhere to eat national cuisine in Warsaw? The best answer to this question would be the Zapiecek restaurant right in the center of the Polish capital, not far from the Market Square.

The local menu is a real treasure trove of traditional and delicious recipes. Just a couple of pages dedicated exclusively to dumplings – over 40 variations! You can order both a portion of the same (21-27 zł) or a large “grandmother’s” plate of completely different ones (23-25 ​​zł).

After the dumplings, be sure to try any of the local soups (flaks and zurek are out of competition), juicy sausages with ketchup and mustard, large potato pancakes with goulash or pork knuckle-“holonka”. A perfect place to eat after a long walk in the Old Town.

Świętojańska, 13
Krakowskie Przedmieście, 55
Freta, 1
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Restaurant Restauracja Zapiecek menu

Daily 11: 00-23: 00

And a few more places to eat while walking around Warsaw:

  • Bar pod barbakanem – a canteen with simple and hearty food (soups, cutlets, side dishes), located in the historic center;
  • To Lubie – a small inexpensive cafe in Warsaw in the Old Town with delicious breakfasts (18 zł), hot wine (12 zł) and desserts;
  • Bar Zabkowski is a good place to eat in the Warsaw Prague Museum area (soups 4 zł, prices for other food 7-12 zł);
  • Kuchnia Marche – a chain of budget cafes in Warsaw (food is paid by weight);
  • Bar Bambino – a dining room with a large selection of food, everything is within 4-10 zł;
  • Cukierna Pawlowicz – a small bakery that sells some of the most delicious and inexpensive donuts in Warsaw;
  • SETKA – come here to eat our signature bigos (11.90 zł), urek (11.50 zł) and ribs (24.50 zł);
  • Wieniawa Bistro Bar – a modest but tasty cafe in the center (the average bill for two is about 70 zł);
  • Jadloteka – a well-located cafe (almost at the very church of St. Mary Magdalene), where you can drop in for breakfast;
  • Ojczysta Czysta Restaurant – a restaurant in the historical part of the city, where delicious meals await you: soups (12 zł), meat with a side dish (25 zł) and snacks (15 zł).

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