The cuisine of Barcelona, ​​the main city of Catalonia, is as if created for a holiday. All dishes in this city are bright and aromatic, and each meal is accompanied by a special atmosphere.

In traditional Catalan dishes, seafood and mountain gifts coexist in one plate. A characteristic feature of the local cuisine is a combination of sweet and salty, an abundance of fresh vegetables, fish and meat, generously flavored with olive oil. So what is the first place to eat in Barcelona and where to do it?

Escudella d’Olla

Hot soup and two-in-one stews are popular in Catalonia on cool winter days and windy spring. First, a broth is made from several types of meat, including blood sausage, then vegetables and noodles are added. Serving also in two stages – separately rich broth with pasta, then meat and vegetables.

Escudella d'Olla soup

For this delicious meal in Barcelona, ​​be sure to check out the Senyor Parellada restaurant (Carrer de l’Argenteria, 37). Serving price here – 14 €

Paella / Paella

What should you definitely try in Barcelona with only one menu item? Of course, paella – rice cooked in a broth with fish, vegetables, chicken and saffron – is an invariable dish on the Spanish festive and Sunday table. It is cooked in a large skillet, the portion is designed for at least two people, and this is always indicated on the menu.

Paella with seafood

Excellent paella in Barcelona can be enjoyed at the Can Sole restaurant (Carrer Sant Carles, 4). Price for two – 40 €… For drinks, you can order a glass of white or rosé Spanish wine.

Black rice / Arròs negre

“Black rice” is cooked in the same wide and flat pan as the paella. Besides rice, squid, fish, mussels and tomatoes are used. The main secret of the recipe is cuttlefish ink, which gives the food its characteristic black color and adds flavor to it. Good “black rice” is always served with allioli – homemade garlic mayonnaise.

Arros Negre dishes

At the Kaiku restaurant (Plaça del Mar, 1) in Barcelona, ​​famous for its seafood cuisine, a serving of arròs negre for 2 will cost 36 €

Fideua / Fideuà

A modified version of paella, which locals especially love to eat. It is made from vermicelli (fideus) with fish and other seafood: shrimp, squid and shellfish. Fideua is served with freshly made allioli sauce, just like black rice. This is a must-try in Barcelona because of the national food.

Fideua - a variant of paella

One of the great places in town to eat fidehua is the family-owned Cal Papi restaurant (Carrer Atlantida, 65). Food cost for one person – 14 €

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Bomb / Bomba

The real “edible part” of Spanish history is a tennis ball-sized potato croquet that was introduced during the Civil War. The revolutionary hand grenades inspired the local chef to create such an extraordinary culinary creation. Two sauces are served with the meal: a white allioli, which symbolizes the fuse, and a spicy red sauce, reminiscent of the explosive properties of the original.

Potato croquettes

There is a version that the “Bomb” was invented in the La Cova Fumada cafe (Calle Baluard, 56). At least it is still on the menu here and costs only 2 €, so it is quite possible to eat it cheaply in Barcelona

Esqueixada de bacallà

A refreshing salad, the main ingredient of which is salted cod (bacallà). In addition to this typical Catalan fish, it includes finely chopped tomatoes, onions, red peppers and black olives. The dressing is olive oil or romesco sauce made from butter, almonds, garlic, hot peppers and tomatoes. This is what you can eat in Barcelona during the hot summer.

Ekeixada de baccala salad

Bodega Joan restaurant (Carrer del Rosselló, 164) is a good place to experience this national Spanish food in Barcelona, ​​where a serving costs 6.10 €


Canneloni / Canelons

What to eat in Barcelona from meat dishes? Why not eat cannelloni, a typical local food, hearty and simple! The pasta sheets are rolled up and stuffed with chopped meat or minced meat (there are also options with spinach and cheese), poured with a béchamel sauce made from milk, flour, eggs and nutmeg and baked in the oven.

Canneloni with meat

The Agust restaurant (Carrer del Parlament, 54) offers delicious fried chicken cannelloni with parmesan and black truffle. Pleasure price – 14 €

Tapas / Tapas

If you are not sure what to try in Barcelona for simple and easy food, opt for tapas. So in Spain they call any snack for beer or wine. For example, fried hot green peppers (grilled green peppers), grilled cuttlefish (grilled cuttlefish), chopitos (fried squid), banderillas (fish skewers with vegetables), bacalao (salted cod on bread), and many others.

Tapas for beer

A huge selection of tapas in Barcelona at the Servecería Satalana bar (Carrer de Mallorca, 23). All appetizers are displayed in display cases, and you can simply indicate what you like. Individual tapas cost from 2 to 10 €, platter of assorted – 15.95 €

Crema Catalana / Crema Catalana

And what is so typical Catalan to try in Barcelona for a sweet tooth? Of course, a delicate custard with a hint of cinnamon and citrus under a crispy caramel crust!

Dessert Crema Catalana

According to legend, it was first prepared in a Catalan monastery in honor of the arrival of the bishop. The party pudding was too runny and burnt sugar was poured over it, creating a crispy film. The bishop tasted the still hot dessert and shouted: “Crema!” (“Hot!”) – hence the name of the food.

The best Catalan dessert in Barcelona can be found at Granja Viader Bakery (Xuclà Street 4-6). Here you can eat it for only 4.10 €


The national pride of the Spaniards is deep-fried dough, a cross between brushwood and donut. It is usually served for breakfast in addition to a cup of coffee with milk and is offered to eat dipped in melted chocolate. This delicacy is simple, tasty and affordable – in the same Granja Viader churros costs 1.80 €, in the Churrería Laietana cafeteria (Via Laietana, 46) – 1.30 €

Churros delicacy

And a few more options to note

For the first acquaintance with the national food of Catalonia, it is not at all necessary to order everything from the menu at once. But if you want to become a true connoisseur of local cuisine, then you should definitely remember what else you need to try in Barcelona. Five other delicious national dishes to remember:

  • Escalivada / Escalivada – grilled eggplant and red pepper;
  • Calçots – sweet green onion stalks cooked over charcoal;
  • Butifarra – Catalan meat sausage, served with white beans;
  • Pa-emb-tomaket / Pa amb tomàquet – toasted bread grated with garlic and tomatoes;
  • Tortilla de patatas / Tortilla de patatas – omelet with potatoes.

Enjoy Barcelona and its excellent cuisine! Вuen provecho!

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