As noted by the BBC, a country for which there is a cult of food cannot but take care of school meals. French schools serve children’s portions of adult food because the French believe that habits should be formed as early as possible. The French say: “Eating in the middle of the day should teach students manners, good taste and the elements of good nutrition.”

For example, at school you can find such a menu: grapefruit appetizer, grilled chicken with green beans, cheese, rice pudding for dessert, tangerine. Another menu of the day: cucumbers with garlic herbs; chicken thigh or fish and potatoes; bell peppers with olive oil or spinach; couscous; organic yogurt, apple. Plain water is offered with food, not carbonated drinks. In addition, there are no food vending machines in schools.

The lunch break is usually an hour or two so that students can get home for lunch if possible.