True lovers of the original dessert are ready to go for it even to the ends of the world. And so that you do not have to fly so far, we have prepared the top of ten unusual delicacies of the planet that will impress even gourmet sweet teeth.

Filipino pastry chefs will offer you an unusual dessert “Nitro”… Confectioners made fresh cream frozen right in front of the visitors with liquid nitrogen as their main feature. An amazing sight and a peculiar taste of this ice cream are guaranteed for those with a sweet tooth. In the Philippines, by the way, you can also taste ice cream flavored with rose flower, lavender and, you will not believe, bacon in an egg.

But in Japan, confectioners gave full free rein to their imaginations and decided to surprise not only tourists with their dessert, but also the locals themselves. Here you can see ice cream with wasabi, black sesame, octopus and regular tomato paste. A heaven for gourmets with a sweet tooth!

Delicacy “Green dysentery” served at the Taiwanese restaurant “Modern Toilet”. This place has themed dishes, so don’t be surprised to see dessert served in a bowl shaped like a miniature toilet. However, despite its unappetizing appearance, this ice cream with kiwi and strawberry sauce is sure to be appreciated by visitors.

Ice Cream at Modern Toilet Restaurant

Another exotic dessert can be found in Thailand. “Crickets in chocolate” Lovers of contrasting tastes To prepare this delicacy, the paws of the crickets are removed and frozen. Then they are stewed in the oven for 2 hours and dipped in chocolate icing. It remains to wait until the dessert hardens and you can safely start tasting.

And a real confectionery show awaits you in the Chicago restaurant “Alinea”, if you decide to try “Chocolate piñata”… The waiter will paint patterns on the counter in front of you using only berry syrup, sweet beer, and ripe butternut squash sauce. Then he breaks a chocolate vessel filled with cotton candy and ice cream over this “masterpiece”.

In Ireland, you will certainly hear from the locals about the famous pastry chef Vicky McDonald and her sweet “English breakfast”… This delicacy is made with sponge sausage, chocolate chip cookie beans and pannacotta with lemon in the form of scrambled eggs. Externally, the dish is fully consistent with its name.

Unusual Irish dessert

And in Singapore, natural beans interspersed with ice chips are used to make dessert. “Ais Kacang”… There are several variations of additional ingredients that give the delicacy a unique taste: corn, palm seeds, jelly, condensed milk, etc. Rest assured, there will be a filling here even for the most fastidious sweet tooth.

Another original dessert can be tasted in Italy. “Spaghetti with chocolate sauce” prepared by local confectioners, abundantly sprinkling the dessert with nuts and chocolate pieces. Pasta lovers will especially appreciate such a specific combination, because real spaghetti is taken as a basis for delicacies.

This unusual dessert with a Turkish name “Tavuk Goğsü” appreciated by the sultans of the Topkapi Palace, who lived in the Ottoman Empire. The secret of this delicate delicacy is finely chopped chicken breast. The rest of the ingredients for a regular biscuit are added to it and almonds are crumbled on top. The delicacy is obtained in the form of pudding.

And the leader of our top is the most exclusive dessert from the Turkish confectioners of the Ciragan hotel. To prepare “Sultan’s cake”, the marinade of ripe quince, figs, selected pears and apricots is insisted for about two years. The marinade, vanilla, caramelized truffles and 24-carat gold food flakes are then added to the biscuit. Dessert is served in a package sealed with gold.

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