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Top 10 most expensive spices in the world

Today, the cost of many spices equals the price of gold and oil. Experts are confident that the price of spices will continue to grow, because more and more people are becoming connoisseurs of the cuisine of the peoples of the world.

And what, if not traditional spices, can tell about the gastronomic preferences of any nation in all the variety of aromas and tastes?


Iovan is the tenth most expensive spice in the world. This is an Indian cumin called zira. It is the fruits and greens of this plant that are used as a spice. This spice has only recently started its way to the world market, therefore its price is gradually increasing.


This seasoning comes in two varieties: Hingra and Hing. It is believed that hing is an Asian spice, because this is where it can be used correctly. Asafoetida is especially widespread in India. The spice paradox is that it is not a plant per se, but just dried latex. It smells like onions mixed with garlic. When this mixture is added to butter, its flavor changes to incomparable with other spices.


The fruit of the coniferous bush becomes a spice only after drying in a variety of marinades. The best are the berries from Italy, where chefs use this spice to soak meat, which gives it the flavor of game. The price for 1 kg of fruit reaches $ 30.

Pink pepper

This plant came to us from South America, although French chefs introduced the fashion for this spice. It was they who began to add pink peas to their dishes, which gave a slightly burning taste and fruity aroma. And the British decorated Christmas wreaths with pink pepper, from which the juicy scent of summer emanated. The cost of pink peppercorns is around $ 100 per 1 kg.


The most expensive root of all root vegetable spices. The price for 1 kg reaches $ 200. Kalgan is often confused with ginger because they have a similar scent. However, true connoisseurs of spices will never confuse galangal with any of the other root vegetables. After all, this spice has a unique burning bitter taste. Dried galangal is especially appreciated on the market today, because it is rarely found in this form.


The name of cardamom has been known to mankind since the time of Babylon, on the clay tablets of which it was first indicated. One of the most expensive spices began her journey around the world from the Cardamom Mountains in India. It is believed that this seasoning is a panacea for many diseases. The cost of cardamom today reaches $ 400 per kg.


It is a red film that is peeled off a nutmeg and dried on bamboo plates. The process of making this spice is carried out entirely by hand. On sale whole films of nutmeg color and in powder form. The price reaches $ 600 per kg.


Among several types of orchids, there is only one species, whose unripe fruits are called vanilla. The cost of one kilogram of spice today reaches $ 800. However, vanilla can cost several times more, because due to violation of the breeding rules by unscrupulous producers, the orchid crops were infected with an unknown fungus.


Back in the Middle Ages, people paid a lot of money for saffron. After all, Cleopatra herself, who knew a lot about beauty, regularly took a bath with saffron. And Alexander the Great healed his bodily wounds in this way. Today, a gram of this spice costs about $ 6, and it takes 7 years to grow saffron.

Wild ginseng root

Until recently, saffron was considered the most expensive spice in the world. But now the first place in the top is deservedly occupied by the root of wild ginseng. Connoisseurs of gourmet food spices are willing to pay almost $ 4000 for just 1 gram of the root of this plant, which reaches 100 years old. There are five varieties of this root crop in the world at the age of 20 years. Wild ginseng root is so rare in nature that it is listed in the International Red List.

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