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TOP 10 most dangerous dishes in the world

Gastronomic tourism is gaining popularity all over the world. Travelers get acquainted with the culture of the new country, also thanks to its national cuisine.

However, trying unknown dishes, sometimes you can pay not only with your health, but also with your life. Therefore, before heading to a new country, it is better to familiarize yourself with the list of dangerous dishes of the planet, in case they meet on the menu.

Fugu fish

To properly prepare fugu, Japanese chefs have been honing their culinary skills for several years. After all, if it is wrong to cut the insides of the fish, they become poisoned. A person simply dies of paralysis all over his body, having tried a piece of this fish. Although in Japan itself, such a death is honorable.

San Nak Ji

This is an octopus, which is served while still alive. From its tentacles, cut a small piece and season them with various sauces. The danger is that the pieces of tentacles wriggle, and a person can simply choke on them. Despite this, this dish is very popular in Korea and Japan, although 6-9 gambling gourmets die in these countries every year.


It is a South American plant whose roots are used for food. Due to the high content of hydrocyanic acid in them, they become deadly. Chefs in Africa and South America cook porridge from cassava roots or make delicious tortillas. Only in this form is it allowed to eat this plant.

Bull frog

This dish is widespread in Africa. It is eaten whole, after having cleansed of its poisonous entrails. After all, the poison of this huge frog can infect the human liver. French chefs use only the harmless legs of this type of frog in cooking.

Kasu Marz

In Sardinia, where Casu Marzu sheep cheese is made, it is prohibited for sale. But who will stop the gambling tourist? The cheese itself is not dangerous, but the larvae with which it is filled for early ripening are able to jump to a height of up to 20 cm and amaze human eyesight.

Dung mushroom

The mushroom itself is absolutely not dangerous to eat. But in combination with any kind of alcohol, it becomes poisonous. Even if the mushroom “smells” the scent of perfume, its use will cause lethal consequences. In ancient times, alcoholism was even treated with dung mushroom powder. After all, the ingestion of one drop into the patient’s body caused terrible nausea and vomiting.


This orange-red fruit is highly sought after in the national cuisine of Jamaica. Already cooked, it tastes like an omelet. However, if you eat Aki that has not yet been naturally revealed, it can become fatal to humans.

Giant jellyfish

This jellyfish lives off the coast of Japan and feeds on tuna. The Japanese government ordered to make a delicacy from it for visitors, which will reduce the population of jellyfish. But if the chef does not properly cut her insides, they become poisonous, like a fugue.


The berries of this plant are widely used in the preparation of alcoholic beverages. For example, sambuca is made by distilling anise and elderberry. And in Hungary, brandy is made from these berries. But in unripe elderberries, the excess cyanide content can cause death.


This spider is the size of an adult palm and has venomous fangs. In Cambodia, a dish made from it is very much appreciated, and the most tender spider meat is considered a delicacy. The spider’s fangs are left to steep on rice wine, and only after that they are eaten to raise the tone. But improperly prepared fangs can cause instant death.

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