IN Armenian cuisine restaurant Gayane’s all men will be treated vegetable tincture and kavurma appetizer. The most interesting thing is expected on February 24th. The owner of the restaurant Gayane Breiova, together with confectioner Diana Arutyunova, the founder of the culinary Celeste Studio, will hold a culinary master class on cooking turkey shawarma in pita with matsun sauce and a man’s dessert.

Cost of participation – 3000 rubles.

Guests are welcome at 18:00.

Address: 2nd Smolensky lane, ¼
Telephone: +7 (495) 367-16-32

Guests gastronomic space Eataly Moscow On February 23rd, there is a 23% discount on spirits, a special offer at the La piazza bar – 2 glasses of beer for the price of one and a performance by the musician Ronen Cliff from the Netherlands, which starts at 19:30. In the meantime, you can collect there gift sets with Italian products, coffee, cheeses, souvenirs, with special emphasis on meat delicacies to match the theme of the holiday.

Address: st. Kievskaya, 2

Master classes on the occasion of the holiday are also expected in culinary Novikov School… On February 20, at the “3 meats” class, you will be able to learn how to choose the right side dish for a meat dish, which meat is best to choose for frying, stewing or baking. In the practical part – preparation of three radically different meat dishes and dessert. And on February 23, it will be interesting for the defenders to take part in the Meat Lunch class. On the menu – beef cheeks with Armenian pepper, BBQ chicken breast and chocolate fondant with hazelnut spread. Please check the cost of participation and details on the school website.

Address: st. Bolshaya Yakimanka, 22
Telephone: +7 (905) 788-89-15

Lamb’s Way restaurant in the shopping and entertainment center “Evropeyskiy” on February 23 will congratulate all men with a 23% discount. The discount will not apply to alcohol and hookahs, but the kitchen menu is welcome. And for each ordered lamb dish, a glass of chacha will be served.

Address: Kievskiy vokzal square, 2, “Evropeisky” shopping and entertainment center, 3rd floor, “Berlin” atrium
Telephone: +7 (495) 211-0-888

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Lamb ribs

February 23 at Vasilchukí restaurants men will be congratulated with a discount in 50% off signature foie gras and beefburger burgers and live performances by artists. Which ones – you need to clarify on the site. Thus, the Dions Project will perform at the restaurant in the Solaris shopping center on Sunday evening, and Alexandra Gomel will perform in the Metropolis shopping center.

In the restaurant “Yuzhane” will celebrate and congratulate the whole weekend. From 18:00 on February 21 to the end of February 23, the defenders will be treat with horseradish and a compliment with camel meat. The appetizer is a cereal toast with dried camel meat delivered from a farm in Kalmykia, with apple puree, juniper powder and hot bone marrow.

And on Sunday they will have a festive brunch. The main dish will be a leg of lamb baked on a spit. And the traditional buffet.

Brunch time is from 12:00 to 17:00. The cost – 2800 rubles per person. If you buy “penetration” in advance – 2300 rubles. Children under 12 years old – everything is free.

Address: Academician Sakharov, 10
Telephone: +7 (495) 926-16-40

Inspired by the movie “Hussar Ballad” Uhvat restaurant Hosting a masquerade ball on 23 February. Guests will be greeted by a hussar and a lady in a ball gown offering a welcome drink. The program includes confetti fireworks, a photo session with instant photos, 19th century dances in which everyone can take part under the guidance of a choreographer, hussar romances, saber fighting and saber.

Beginning at 19:00.

Address: st. Rochdelskaya, 15, building 41
Telephone: +7 (977) 125-51-77

AND Drinks @ Dinners Restaurant together with the Gedonistica project will conduct a brutal meat dinner with a lecture. They promise to alternately immerse guests in the history of meat and the atmosphere of medieval feasts. It will be possible to hear answers to questions about the meat preferences of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, what was the role of meat in the Renaissance, how and why distant ancestors switched to meat food. The dinner menu includes beef tartare, an ancient Roman pork appetizer with apples, eggs stuffed with ham and figs in batter, smoked beef brisket. Cost of participation at dinner – 4290 rubles. Beginning at 19:00.

In addition, all defenders will receive a 23% discount on all steaks and a compliment – Smoked Pear tincture.

Address: Pyatnitskaya st., 46, building 1
Telephone: +7 (499) 350-51-60

IN restaurant “Babel” a festive set is also waiting for defenders. Squash caviar, Black Sea sprat, homemade bacon, pickled cucumbers and Borodino bread croutons are served with a pile of ice “little white” for a snack.

At 21:00 on the stage of the restaurant, the participant of the “Voice” project Sergey Ruchkin & Band will start performing.

Address: 1st Nikoloshchepovsky lane, 6, bldg. 2
Telephone: +7 (495) 367-16-13