The same trip to the store in Germany turned out

Similarly in composition, the purchase of the consumer basket in Germany proved to be cheaper than the corresponding purchase in Russia. Portal users Pikabu conducted an experiment and shared the results. A consumer basket contains: a kilo of sugar, a dozen eggs, a liter of milk, a kilo of flour, a liter of juice, a loaf of bread, a bar of cheap chocolate, a kilo of sausages, a kilo of pasta, a kilo of tomatoes, a kilo of apples, one liter of sunflower oil, 250 grams of butter and meat – packing pork schnitzel. The purchases were made in the Scandinavian store chain Lidl in Trossingen (a small town between Stuttgart and Zurich (Switzerland) and the Russian Pyaterochka in Moscow. During the experiment, users experienced difficulties finding similar German packaging with schnitzel. Therefore, they had to buy more meat in the network of nikak n affects the general map ", – say the authors of the comparison, not to mention the possible price difference between the capital of Russia and the German outback. A check in Moscow" Pyaterochka "with the purchase of meat in" Magnit "amounted to 1895 rubles against $ 23.99 currently in a set that doesn't make sense, "write the authors of the comparison. In December 2018, Rosstat reported that products in Russian stores rose three times faster than similar products in European stores.

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