Perhaps it is difficult to describe the power of the Italians’ love for pasta: it is even eaten for dessert. There is even a separate type of spaghetti that includes cocoa. Conversely, pasta is a part of many desserts – it is supplemented with honey, pistachios, fruits and butter cream, sprinkled with orange peel and almond petals, coconut and cinnamon. Ravioli are prepared with ricotta, chocolate and any other sweet fillings. For some desserts, pasta is mixed with chocolate sauce and nuts, and marshmallows and pumpkin pieces are used for decoration.

In Catania, on the east coast of the island of Sicily, locals cook farfalle (butterfly-shaped pasta) with pistachios and butter cream. Such desserts are popular not only in home cooking. Many restaurants in Italy offer chocolate ravioli with mascarpone cream, raspberries and almonds.

Sweet pasta is also prepared during the holidays. So, in October, when the Eurochocolate Festival of Chocolate takes place in the Italian city of Perugia, local restaurants offer visitors chocolate spaghetti, pizza and even cheese.