In general, the freshness and quality of products for an entrepreneur who wants to stay in this business as long as possible should come first. In the most successful Michelin-starred restaurants, managers choose the food themselves. This is the benchmark to strive for when working at any level. One of my franchisees travels to the market every morning and buys vegetables for each of his businesses to be sure that the product that will be on the guest’s table is of the quality that he expects.

Of course, a restaurateur can use all of these tools and still leave the exit price well above average. I believe that this is far from the most successful model in public catering. Here we are already talking about the approach to business of this entrepreneur. In my opinion, it is worth striving for a win-win strategy when everyone wins – both the owner and the guest. Every year guests become smarter, more inventive, more spoiled – you need to be able to adapt to this.