For the 25th Anniversary of quotFriendsquot Recipes from Monica Geller

If we at Rachel Green decided to compare the character and the actor who played her, then we will act differently with Monica. What is Monica Geller's first connection to? With a manic love of purity? With brilliant dances with a brother? With a charming love story with a neighbor on the landing? For us, Monica is first and foremost a love of food and cooking. Let's look at Monica's culinary delights while recalling the funniest episodes in the "Friends" series. What's exactly that young fat women Monica Geller dreams of being a cook in New York? In the eighth episode of the fifth season called The One with the All Thanksgivings, the events take the viewer back to 1987, when Chandler first meets Monica. At that time, Ros's sister was not yet characterized by an enviable and slender figure and really wanted to delight the new guest. She learns that Chandler hates Christmas so she invites him to make macaroni and cheese. The following year, when Monica loses herself, Chandler again asks her to make "branded pasta with cheese." English-language Wikipedia suggests that the roots of this simple bowl go back to the 14th century in Italy. Its recipe is incredibly simple: macaroni, cheddar cheese or parmesan cheese, sauce based on these cheeses and bechamel, as well as milk, butter and flour. In Russia, macaroni and cheese are more likely to be associated with poor students, but for US and Canada residents, this is a truly traditional dish. If you have an extra turkey at home (or a chicken, because who in Russia bakes a whole turkey?), Is the best option to make a sandwich the next day. At least Monica thinks what pleases her beloved after Thanksgiving. In the ninth episode of the fifth season, we find out what drives Ross into rage. Missing sandwich. Ross is concerned that one of his colleagues ate the sandwich his sister had prepared for turkey remnants. The secret of this simple, apparently at first glance, is the bowl of a bread of bread bread that Monica puts in the middle. To make your relatives happy, use three slices of bread, light mayonnaise or another sauce, slices of turkeys or chicken pieces, cranberry sauce, salad, tomatoes and sauce left over from turkey cooking. Mix the ingredients in the desired order, but do not forget the soaked bread in the middle. In the third season Monica breaks up with Richard and decides to do something with herself. Of course, cooking comes to her immediately, so she implements "Save Plan". She starts cooking tons of fruit juice that can potentially sell. But the plan fails, and Monica decides to go to the birth plan of children as he begins to look for a suitable donor. Judging by the friendship's reaction, Monica's jam was just as great – Joe was his biggest fan. But at the donor's role, he just didn't fit and jam was proof of that. Making jams is not that difficult, it will take 4 cups of sugar, a kilo of berries, cups of lemon juice and 40 minutes of free time. If you need to make something "Monica-worthy", feel free to choose a pan or lasagne. In the third episode of the fourth season, Monika was honored to cook for her parents on a birthday for her father. The girl was incredibly worried and for not biting her nails she stuck overhead. Blue. Of course, something had to go wrong. In one of the pots there was a blue invoice nail, but it was not possible to find out exactly which one. Monica's mother expected a similar mistake, so she put the lasagne in the freezer beforehand. If your parents trust you and you are not afraid to leave your nails in food, feel free to take baking pans and cook a stew. Well, if you need Plan B in case of failure, it's easy to find a recipe for simple lasagne on the internet. It only takes an hour and a half, steak, pasta sauce, cheese and lasagna leaves. In episode 22 of the second season, friends are organizing two birthday parties to Rachel at one time, because her parents cannot be in the same room. Therefore, some of Monika's guests remain in the girls' apartment, where they have to spend an "exciting" evening playing with the burime. That night, the girls' best friend did not give birth to a cake, but decided to make an original flan which, to say the least, did not delight others. For those who do not know what the flan is, we explain. This is a dessert consisting of soft pastry on the base and a filling in the form of a soft cream mousse with vanilla aroma and lemon notes. If you need to have two birthdays at the same time. Although it is better of course to store with two cakes. Raszuskivaete perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe? So Monica has been looking for him for a long time, going through various options and ways to cook. Let's remember the episode when Phoebe promises Monica the famous recipe for chocolate cakes from his grandmother, but discovers he died in the fire. Then friends use the rest of the episode and try to figure out the recipe, and with great tradition they do not go to work. Monica is very disappointed when she realizes that Nesley Tulus is not Phoebe's grandfather's grandmother. The recipe is a standard Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe by Nestle Toll House. The cookie was occasionally the discovery of Toll House when Nestle chocolate was used instead of Bakers Chocolate. With the growing popularity and sales of chocolate, Nestle's interest bought a recipe at the end of the 1930s from hotel owner Ruth Wakefield. In exchange for the recipe, she received a lifetime supply of Nestle cakes and the name Toll House on the package. Surely everyone would like a girlfriend like Monica. She will prepare you 3 types of potatoes when no one asks what she wants. She will serve weddings, funerals and birthdays. She will rob you of onion rings to eat dinner. She even allows you to watch parade while she is killed in the kitchen. She will prepare lasagna for you so you won't miss her on holiday. And finally, it will simply be the "glue that connects the whole company," as Ross once said.

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