Cooking a cake in a slow cooker

Chocolate cake in 65 minutes? With a slow cooker easy! A simple recipe, the joy of the children and the kiss of the beloved man are now delivered.

Why exactly this chocolate cake?

Cooking a cake in a slow cooker

First, it takes some time to prepare this delicious dessert. Not so often you can find a cake recipe that can be built in an hour with a little.

Secondly, the amount of food needed to make this cake is very modest.

Third, the taste of the finished product of culinary creativity is magical!

To make a chocolate cake in a slow cooker, you must:

Cocoa (3-4 tbsp);
Sugar (a glass);
Eggs (3 pieces);
Flour (a glass);
Walnuts (peeled peeled nuts for sprinkling).

The composition of the glaze

Condensed milk (4-5 tbsp);
Sugar (half a glass);
Cocoa (5 tbsp);
Butter (50 grams);
Milk (3 tbsp).

manufacturing Process

The first step is to make a plain biscuit dough. Eggs are beaten with sugar and gradually add flour. Important! it is necessary to monitor the absence of blood clots. Then add cocoa.

The second step is baking in a slow cooker. Before pouring the fabric into a slow cooker, lubricate its surface with margarine. The "baking" mode should be set for 65 minutes, then close the clay pan with a lid and tackle the glaze.

The third step is to make the glaze. In a metal bowl, mix these ingredients (except condensed milk!) And mix over low heat until they thicken. Then condensed milk is added and the mass is changed.

The fourth step is the last. The finished biscuit is removed from the multi-cooker and cut to get two cakes. The first cake is on a plate and is greasy with icing and sprinkled with walnuts. The second cake is nicely placed on top of the first, and the glaze and nuts procedure is repeated.


If the cake is made for yourself – this can and will be limited. If guests are expected, a multicooker cake can be decorated. Whipped cream, jam, pieces of dried fruit or coconut flakes may be suitable for this. Enjoy your meal!


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