November is a transitional period of adaptation to subzero temperatures: you can no longer walk with the thought: “Now something will come across on the road.” It’s time for clear routes and pre-calibrated locations.

We pass American fast food, then – Soviet fast food – cheburechnaya has existed in the center of the capital much longer than ours. We turn into Sytinsky lane, then left – we are there. An unremarkable entrance group, stairs lead to the restaurant, at the entrance there is a perch for smokers.

We order edamame hummus (450 rubles), chicken liver pate with strawberries and sorrel (450 rubles) and new items from the hot snacks section – baked cauliflower with tomato salsa and smoked cheese (550 rubles), Argentine shrimps with ptitim and cava sauce (850 rubles) and chicken skewers with peanut sauce and blue rice (590 rubles).

After the wine and onward snacks, craft bread with homemade nori seaweed butter is brought in, and it’s a delight! Tilda has a lot of handicrafts: the dishes are made to order in the Moscow ceramic workshop, the luxurious chandelier made of glass plates and the surprisingly space-saving door to the toilet, too.

Baked cauliflower with tomato salsa and smoked cheese

– I love ptitim, the shrimps are excellent – fleshy and juicy, but the sauce is sour for me, like tomato paste.
“This is cava sauce, not tomato sauce! You do not understand anything. But the shrimps are really good.
– And this is an Instagram star!

Chicken skewers, peanuts, blue rice

Chicken skewers with peanut sauce and blue rice

All evening, a waiter who appears on time correctly hints at something hot or at least a taste of dessert, but our satiety is adamant. From him we will learn why the rice is blue: the cereals are soaked in Thai blue tea. And here is Thailand!

While resting between glasses of wine, you can gaze around. At the largest table at the end of the hall – a cheerful, noisy, but not disturbing birthday party. I would like to join immediately. The area is modest, the atmosphere is intimate and cozy. The delight of any of the guests is heard throughout the hall. I want to pick up laughter, to answer any remark. The atmosphere is relaxing and not a bit awkward due to the critical proximity to the meal next door. Especially after the second glass of wine.

Shrimp, ptitim, kava

Argentine prawns with ptitim and cava sauce

If you want to follow in our footsteps, and you probably want to go for blue rice, keep in mind that the appetizers are really very satisfying, so to get to the hot one, purposefully look at the section with it. AND be sure to try the local creamy toffee lemonade (390 rubles per 0.5 l) – like a mix of fermented baked milk, condensed milk and caramel. Replaces dessert, impressive and uplifting.