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Checked by Oblomov Restaurant

The restaurant is a perfectly recreated noble house with carved stucco, patterned wallpaper, picture frames (families unknown to you), floor lamps and a fireplace. And while waiting for something hot, here you can gaze at the fresh flowers planted at each window, and cute details in the form of chests of drawers with exquisite utensils.

Perhaps modernity is making its way a little in the current seasonal menu. For instance, Riga sprats

(420 rub.) here they are served on croutons a la bruschetta, but they are supplemented with homemade provencal and quail eggs. By the way, the local mayonnaise also looks good in Olivier. It is presented in two types – in the old manner, with crayfish tails (890 rubles) and Oblomov style (480 rubles) with duck meat (why “Oblomov-style” is difficult to say, we did not find a recipe in the product).

Olivier “Oblomovski”

All kinds of game are pleasantly knocked out of snacks – its lovers will have a real expanse here. Severyuga Black Sea (RUB 990) – spicy and tender – steamed and smoked venison (490 rub.) favorably emphasized with cherry sauce. Although, we admit, the menu is most striking bear meat (1890 rubles)… Firstly, it is unusual, and secondly, according to the assurances of the chef, it is prepared with love – at least three hours in the oven. Of course, meat lovers must try this, but it will not be so easy for a not-too-selective guest to distinguish it from beef.

1/ 2

Smoked halibut with new potatoes

A safe bet is the julienne. They are served here with a good portion mushrooms and chicken (560 rubles) or Kamchatka crab (940 rubles) under a large head of stretching cheese.

From desserts, again, you need to order a dish from the seasonal menu – young cheese with figs and tarragon (480 rubles)… Light and delicate, it is perfect after a hearty meal (which simply cannot be avoided here). For those who still have strength, it is better to take a bestseller for tea – “Kiev” cake (420 rubles) or aromatic strawberry cake (460 rubles)

Young cheese with figs and tarragon

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