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10 delicious breakfasts from around the world

The national cuisine of each state reflects its main cultural traditions. And it is not surprising that breakfasts in different countries of the world are completely different from each other.

Some people prefer hearty, high-calorie food and large portions, while others prefer a light snack. So what is eaten for breakfast in different countries and corners of our planet?


The Japanese-style breakfast consists of several dishes at once and may seem unusual to Europeans. In the morning, they often eat steamed or boiled rice with pickled fruits or vegetables and, of course, baked seasonal fish.

Miso soup (for example, seaweed, tofu, river shells) is another must-eat. Fermented beans (Natto) and traditional Japanese omelet (Tamago-Yaki) are also served. The most common drink is green tea.


The Chinese breakfast varies depending on the region of the country. One of the most popular dishes is wheat flour “brushwood” dipped in hot soy milk (dòujiāng yóutiáo). In the West, it is sometimes called donuts, although Chinese food outwardly bears little resemblance to them.

And for breakfast in the country people are happy to eat steamed pies with sweet or salty fillings (bāozi), bean pudding (dòuhuā) with meat and soy sauce, or, conversely, sugar syrup and ginger.

The morning menu often includes wheat or rice noodles, rice dumplings (zòngzi), wontons (húntún) – they resemble dumplings and are often cooked with minced pork or vegetable fillings – as well as rice porridge with pickled vegetables, fermented tofu or meat.


Morning food in Vietnam can come as a surprise to Europeans. The country is very fond of various soups, there are a lot of them here, but the most popular is perhaps called “Pho” (Pho). It is his locals who most often eat for breakfast. There are many varieties of this soup. But always on the list of ingredients: meat broth, pieces of meat and long rice noodles.

Other common breakfast dishes in the country include Bánh mì (an inexpensive fast food sandwich), Xôi (sticky rice base with fillings), Bánh cuốn (a kind of minced rice dough pancake), Bò né (fried beef with scrambled eggs, vegetables and a baguette).

Great Britain

English breakfast has almost become the talk of the town, as it is one of the most nutritious and leisurely in the world.

The country’s most popular breakfast foods are fried eggs, sausages, puddings, crispy fried bacon, tomatoes, bean or fried mushrooms, and butter and jam toast. And most importantly, this abundance is served not by choice, but immediately together! With minor variations, this traditional morning meal also exists in other parts of the world, such as Ireland.


Breakfast in Spain is generally light. Immediately after sleep, no one here will eat meat or fish. But in the morning people in the country like to pamper themselves with delicious donuts called “churros”. They are served with a cup of thick hot chocolate, which is dipped in before being eaten. Other popular sweet foods are biscuits (galletas) and magdalenas muffins.

The Spaniards also eat toast (tostadas) or sandwiches (bocadillos) with ham and other fillings for breakfast, and the famous potato omelet – tortilla. The most popular sandwich is called Pan Con Tomate. It is made from toasted bread rubbed with tomato pulp, garlic and sprinkled with olive oil.


An Italian breakfast is a sweet tooth’s dream. It combines two national passions – for coffee and for baking. This is why one of the most popular morning meals in the country is a cornetto – an Italian croissant – with a cappuccino.

In addition to cornetto, Italians also eat other pastries for breakfast: crispy biscotti, fruit pie crostatu and cannoli wafer rolls. But toast, ham and pizza at the beginning of the day are much less common on the table of Italians.


The traditional breakfast in Jamaica is quite unusual. It is made from “salted fish” (mackerel or sardine) and the tropical fruit aki – they are simply cut and stewed along with onions and peppers. Interestingly, after frying, the aki fruit becomes very similar to scrambled eggs, both in taste and in appearance.

Also for breakfast in the country, you can taste fried bananas, breadfruit and the local callaloo leafy vegetable (fried with onions and garlic). The final touch to a Jamaican breakfast is Johnny Patty, which is traditionally served with grilled salted fish. And in the country they are eaten with jam, butter and cheese, bacon, ham or eggs.


Moroccan breakfast is, first of all, tortillas, to which all kinds of additives are served: butter, orange, strawberry and peach jam, olives, fresh fruit, yogurt, goat cheese. A frequent attribute of the meal is the original local Amlou sauce made from almonds, argan or olive oil and honey. They dip bread in it and eat with pleasure.

In the morning, on the table in Morocco, you can also see: scrambled eggs (usually without meat, but sometimes with jerky lamb or Khlii beef), B’ssara bean soup with chili and caraway seeds, Mortadella sausages from chicken or turkey, various pastries and several types of bread … Another must-have breakfast is sweet mint tea and freshly squeezed orange juice, and sometimes coffee.


The Israeli breakfast is one of the richest in the world. In the country, they are not limited to one dish, here they are served several at once.

Most often, shakshuka is eaten for breakfast, which is made from several eggs, tomatoes and other vegetables with a lot of spices. In addition, it is customary to serve a basket of rolls or fresh bread and a whole set of jars with all kinds of additives: cheese, hummus, jam. The traditional dish on the morning table is an Israeli salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and bell peppers.

Breakfast is often complemented by a plate of muesli with fruits, nuts and yogurt, as well as tea, coffee or fresh juice.


But the morning meal in Iceland can be called the healthiest in the world. The country is especially fond of dairy products, which is reflected in breakfast. For example, Icelanders often eat skyr – something in between yogurt and cheese. It is a nutritious food rich in calcium and protein. Skyr is also sometimes added to another morning dish – oatmeal (hafragrautur), which is boiled from natural cereals in water.

But a completely unique part of Icelandic breakfast is lysi, or cod liver oil. This food is considered very healthy, so in many institutions it is even included in the mandatory diet.

Traditional breakfasts from different countries of the world are sometimes a real gastronomic adventure. The products that are chosen for them help people start their morning well and feel energized all day.

But an interesting fact is that the most popular breakfast in the world is a familiar sandwich that is more in line with the fast pace of our lives. True, there are countries in which very unusual sandwiches are made, but this is already a topic for a separate article.

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