Dresden with its beauty and charm is considered one of the best places to experience German culture and, of course, cuisine. Saxony’s culinary tradition is very strong here.

It is all the more pleasant that prices in Dresden cafes and restaurants allow everyone to taste the best German food and beer. You can start your gastronomic city tour from 10 of the most famous sites in the Saxon capital.

Dresdner Kaffeestübchen

German cafe Dresdner KaffeestübchenIf you are walking in the Frauenkirche district of Dresden, be sure to stop by here for a delicious curd casserole (slice – about € 3) or other fresh pastries. Every day the owner of the cafe prepares his own “grandmother’s” pie, the secret of which is passed down from generation to generation in the family.

The food at Dresdner Kaffeestübchen is inexpensive and tasty. For example, “Big Breakfast” consists of a roll, sausage, egg, butter, jam, cheese and a cup of coffee / tea and costs 7.90 €. The peculiarity of the establishment is a large selection of coffee, including brewed according to classic Viennese recipes.

Salzgasse, 8

Dresdner Kaffeestuebchen menu

Daily 09: 00-18: 00



German cafe MilchmädchenThe Milkmaid Cafe is one of the best breakfast spots in Dresden. It is located slightly off the main tourist routes, on the outskirts of the Old Town, next to the Deutsches Hygienemuseum station.

Coffee is prepared according to 20 different recipes: from traditional cappuccino to original strawberry with milk. But the main pride of the cafe is all the same breakfast. There are nine of them in Milchmädchen. The most modest: croissant, butter and marmalade, honey or chocolate spread – 3.50 €. But if you intend to eat a better meal, try the signature Herzhaftes Wurstwarenfrühstück (buns, butter, salami, meat salad, liver sausage, ham, mortadella) – its price is 8.90 €.

Grunaer Str, 27

Milchmädchen menu

Mon-Fri 07: 00-18: 00, Sat-Sun 08: 00-18: 00


Augustus Garten

German restaurant Augustus GartenA pleasant beer garden on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden, where they gather tasty and inexpensive food and drink excellent German beer. It operates on a self-service system, a deposit of € 2.50 is charged for the mugs.

As in many of Dresden’s beer restaurants, German cuisine is represented here by traditional appetizers: sausages, pork knuckle, schnitzels and side dishes. Prices, by the city’s standards, are more than reasonable. Soups – 4.50 €, a bun with schnitzel – 7 €, a half-liter glass of beer – 4 €.

Wiesentorstr, 2

Augustus Garten Restaurant Menu

Sun-Thu 11: 00-23: 00, Fri-Sat 11: 00-00: 00


Zum Bautzner Tor

German cafe Zum Bautzner TorWalking through Dresden looking for an inexpensive place to eat and relax, head to this traditional German café with a charming old-fashioned setting. For food, you can eat omelets, salads, soups (homemade hodgepodge – 4 €), schnitzels and steaks. The signature dish is roast pork with sauerkraut and beer sauce. Its price is 11.50 €. The portions are always large.

Another pleasant “bonus” for visitors is an inexpensive beer assortment. The cost of foam starts at 2 €.

Hoyerswerdaer Str, 37

Zum Bautzner Tor menu

Sun-Wed 17: 00-01: 00, Thu 17: 00-02: 00, Fri-Sat 17: 00-03: 00


Zur schmiede

German restaurant Zur SchmiedeTraditional German restaurant in the New Town with delicious food and a wide selection of drinks. The history of the institution goes back about a century, and for most of this time, Zur Schmiede was a simple inn where ordinary German workers came to eat.

The restaurant’s menu includes Saxon specialties such as the Bauernfrühstück (ham and egg) served throughout the day. The food choices are small and often change by the owners’ decision Actual proposals are written on a board near the entrance. The prices are moderate (meat – 10-14 €), the atmosphere is cozy and homely. Well worth a look.

Hechtstraße, 15

Restaurant Zur Schmiede Menu

Sun-Thu 18: 00-00: 00, Fri-Sat 18: 00-01: 00


Eating very cheaply in Dresden is not so easy: low prices are most common in fast food establishments. And from a cafe with German cuisine, you can look at the following addresses:

Curry 24 (Wilsdruffer Str. 24) – The most affordable food in Dresden: sausages, fries and salad (all for 2 €). A serving of Currywurst with a side dish is full of food.

Hellmuts (Eschenstr. 11) is a typical German fast food establishment with a huge selection of huge burgers (their average price is 10 €).

Curry & Co (Louisenstr. 62) – A good diner with inexpensive sausages and a variety of sauces, perfect for a quick meal while walking.

AnTon (Rudolf Leonhard Str. 35) – a small restaurant in a sleeping area of ​​Dresden with delicious local beer (2.40-3.70 € for 0.3-0.5 liters). From food to it, you can take pork medallions or ribs with French fries – the total cost of the order will be about 17 €.

Korch Fleischwaren (Wiener Platz, 10, etc.) – a popular butcher chain with an amazing abundance of excellent quality sausages and hams. In addition to German classics such as Currywurst and Schnitzel, you can eat soups, sandwiches, salads here. The list of branches is on the official website.


Brauhaus am Waldschlosschen

German restaurant Brauhaus am WaldschlosschenA truly Saxon brasserie, incredibly popular with the city’s residents. For the best food and beer in Dresden, you can safely go here.

The restaurant prepares all the most popular German beer snacks: Weisswurst white sausages, pretzels, schnitzels, flammkuchen open pies. You can eat deliciously and at home.

But the main focus at Brauhaus is precisely on foam. The brewery at the restaurant brews 4 original beer varieties with a strength of 12%: Hell, Dunkel, Zwickel and Hefeweizen. Price per glass (0.3 l) – 2.70 €. You can order a tasting set of 4 varieties of 0.1 l each (5.50 €). The restaurant also has the famous Munich Paulaner beer.

From Monday to Thursday, the Brauhaus am Waldschlosschen has a special offer for € 11.99. For example, for this price on Wednesday (Schnitzeltag) you can get 0.5 liters of homemade beer with schnitzel and a side dish.

Am Brauhaus, 8B

Brauhaus am Waldschlosschen menu

Daily 11: 00-23: 45


Watzke Brauereiausschank am Ring

German restaurant Watzke Brauereiausschank am RingClassic German brasserie, one of the three Watzke establishments in Dresden. In addition to other delicious food, it is famous for its gorgeous homemade sausages. You can eat them in a restaurant or just go in and buy them with you (100 g – about 1.50 €).

Beer for Watzke is supplied by its own brewery. This is a fresh unfiltered foam of 6 original varieties. The local Pils and Altpieschner Spezial won the 2018 Goldener DLG-Preis for their excellent quality. Beer prices start at 2.80 €.

The restaurant’s cuisine is traditional German, tasty and satisfying. The portions are large so you can eat inexpensively. Weisswurst pair with pretzel – 5.90 €, main courses – from 12.90 €. Special offers are available from Monday to Thursday and Sunday.

On Monday (Räuchertag) whole smoked trout with half a liter of beer – only 11.90 €. On Thursday (Watzkes Wurstküchentag) signature sausage with a similar glass of foam – 9.50 €.

Dr.-Külz-Ring, 9

Menu at Watzke Brauereiausschank am Ring

Daily 11: 00-00: 00



German Restaurant PlanwirtschaftIf you are attracted not only by the German cuisine, but also by the unusual setting, this restaurant on Louisenstrasse will be another precious find for you in Dresden. The interior of the institution is made in the style of the GDR era: radios, vacuum cleaners and other interesting gizmos make a memorable impression.

And, of course, the food is tasty and inexpensive. If you wish, you can take half of the large portion for ¾ of the standard price, or the whole portion for two. Buffet breakfasts are served daily in the restaurant: eggs, cold meats and cheese platter, yoghurts, muesli, salads, buns. Depending on the day of the week, they cost € 9.80-14.50, children between the ages of 3 and 7 can eat for € 4.40.

Louisenstraße, 20

Planwirtschaft Restaurant Menu

Daily 07: 30-01: 00



Sophienkeller German RestaurantAn ideal place to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old Germany and taste classic German cuisine. The restaurant’s signature food – duck with red cabbage and suckling pig roasted on a spit – is served alongside a delicious dark beer.

The setting here is amazing: vaulted ceilings, a carousel table, a talking mirror and many other interesting details make the interior truly unique. Moreover, waiters and musicians are dressed in antique clothes from the 18th century.

Eating out at the restaurant is relatively inexpensive if you order, for example, Saxon potato soup (5.10 €) and stews in puff pastry (8.10 €). Of course, the best drinks are German beer: Radeberger Pilsner, Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen (2.80 € for 0.25 l). The menu also includes wine, martini, coffee, tea and lemonade.

Taschenberg, 3

Sophienkeller Restaurant Menu

Daily 11: 00-01: 00


Kunst Café Antik

German restaurant Kunst Café AntikIf you decide to visit the best restaurants in Dresden by all means, do not pass by the unusual institution near the Frauen and Hofkirche. This is an unexpected combination of an antique shop and a cafe, where you can not only inspect, touch, move all items, but also buy what you like.

And there is a lot to like here. The restaurant hall is decorated with antique dishes, clocks, lamps and many other curious gizmos. So it even starts to seem as if you came to eat in a small museum.

Speaking of food, Cafe Antik’s cuisine also deserves praise. It is traditionally German: meatloaf (Dresdener Wiegebraten), sausages with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, goulash (Kutschergulasch) in dark beer. You can eat inexpensively by taking one of the indicated dishes (8.70-10.80 €) and adding a soft drink of your choice (+ 2.50-5 €) or a glass of wine (+ 4-5 €).

An der Frauenkirche, 5

Kunst Café Antik Restaurant Menu

Daily 11: 00-22: 30


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