Berlin rightfully bears the title of the most democratic and multifaceted city in Germany. Gastronomic establishments with a national flavor match it.

It has literally everything from cheap bistros to Michelin star restaurants. Such a diversity is confusing for a tourist visiting the German capital for the first time. A review of the best budget restaurants and cafes will help lift the veil of mystery of where to eat traditional delicious food in Berlin without emptying your wallet.

Der wurstler

Berlin cafe Der WurstlerHungry tourists are greeted by the famous Berlin sausage maker! His property, located on the main street Chausseestraße, is considered one of the best bistro cafes in Berlin. Large portions, ridiculous prices, warm welcome and mouth-watering classic Currywurst (German sausages, grilled and heavily drizzled with curry sauce) keep you coming back again and again.

The assortment includes delicious homemade cutlets, fried sausages, french fries and vegetable salad. On chilly days, the café serves a typical Prussian soup with meatballs, peas and lentils. According to the owner, the recipe belonged to his great-great-grandmother – this food is definitely worth trying!

Chausseestraße, 12

Der Wurstler Cafe menu

Mon-Fri 12: 00-22: 00, Sat 14: 00-22: 00


Golgatha Beer GardenA distinctive feature of this German Biergarten is the original format. People come here not only for inexpensive food in Berlin, but also just to have fun. The waiters are warm and polite, the tables are huge and clean, and the food is varied, cheap and fresh.

Since 1977, the inn on the outskirts of Victoria Park invites you to enjoy grilled delicious homemade sausages, delicious pork steak, gilthead fillet and meat pâté. During the day, you can sit in the shade of the trees with a traditional glass of selected German beer, and in the evening you can enjoy a glass of wine in the cocktail bar. The night at Golgatha belongs to dance lovers. At 10 o’clock in the evening, the DJ turns up the music, and the disco begins, which continues until the first rays of the sun.


Golgatha Cafe menu

Daily 9: 00-00: 00

Scheers schnitzel

Scheers Schnitzel Meat CafeWhere can you get a cheap meal in Berlin for a person who prefers to eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? The main reason to stop by the budget cafe Scheers Schnitzel is the large selection of juicy and tasty chops… The “meat paradise” is located next to the famous landmark of Berlin – the picturesque neo-Gothic Oberbaumbrücke bridge.

Don’t be confused by the modest interior, reminiscent of an ordinary dining room. They know the taste of homemade German food prepared according to traditional recipes. When ordering, keep in mind: one serving of schnitzel with side dish and salad worth 9.30 € will be enough to feed a sumo wrestler. In short, everything at Scheers Schnitzel is very satisfying and inexpensive!

Warschauer Pl. 18

Scheers Schnitzel menu

Sun-Thu 11: 30-22: 00, Fri-Sat 11: 30-00: 00

Joseph Roth Diele

Joseph Roth Diele InnWhen asked how much it costs a tourist to have a hearty meal in Berlin, the owner of a pub on Potsdamer Strasse answers: “12.95 euros”. It is with this amount that you will have to part by ordering the pride of the chef – traditional dishes of German cuisine: beef rolls, complemented by red cabbage and Swabian Spetzle pasta. Beer is poured into earthenware jugs, and German wine is poured into antique glasses.

A cute atmospheric cafe with parquet flooring and walls decorated with pencil sketches, dedicated to the writer Josef Roth Diehl, who lived in the house next door. Photos of the early 20th century and numerous books on wooden shelves tell about his work.

Joseph Roth Diele is a favorite restaurant for creative artists, directors and actors who come here every year during the Berlin Film Festival.

Potsdamer Straße, 75

Joseph Roth Diele menu

Mon-Fri 10: 00-23: 00

Parkcafé Berlin

Cozy Parkcafé BerlinThis cozy café in Berlin has not yet been touched by the flow of tourists flooding the capital. A small institution located in the western part of the metropolis has long been chosen by townspeople of all ages.

Throughout the year, the wood and glass structure allows you to enjoy delicious masterpieces of traditional German cuisine, admiring the old plane trees and the panorama of the Fehrbelliner Platz. The lounge area always features pleasant music and several excellent coffees, while sausages and Berliner Weiße beer are served in the shady garden.

According to locals, the café serves the best breakfast in town. The chef’s creation, based on popular recipes from around the world, is called Romeo and Juliet and costs € 10.90. Other food did not disappoint either: in order to eat salmon fillets in lemon oil, inhabitants of even remote areas of Berlin flock here.

Fehrbelliner Platz, 8

Parkcafé Berlin menu

Daily 8: 30-01: 00

Wirtshaus heuberger

Cozy cafe Wirtshaus HeubergerA family tavern, opened near the former Tempelchow airport, gives tourists peace and comfort. The Wirtshaus Heuberger is located in a beautiful old house. The simplicity of the interior, rustic decor, polished oak tables and soft lighting bring back to Berlin in the early 20th century. The building used to be a coaching inn, as evidenced by the large, bright rooms and the old, currently unused bowling alley in the basement.

Here, 5 km from the Reichstag, visitors enter the gastronomic world of Swabia. The chef masterfully prepares traditional red wine goulash, huge Maultaschen dumplings and meat salad. Local hit: Flammkuchen, a German open pie with onions, ham and sour cream

Gotenstraße, 1

Wirtshaus Heuberger menu

Daily 12: 00-00: 00

Prater Gaststätte

Restaurant Prater GaststätteAlthough the traditional Biergarten is located close to the central Alexanderplatz, it is the place to eat in Berlin without worrying about your budget: tasty and cheap at the same time.

The history of the Prater Gaststätte dates back to 1837. To match the local menu: here they still feed goose according to recipes from the 19th century, pumpkin soup and fried sausages with salted pretzels, popular during the time of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

This bustling restaurant with wooden tables and long benches will surely appeal to fans of a foamy drink. Only here you can taste the light Prater Pils, brewed in the inn’s own breweries. And fans of a sober lifestyle will love Fassbrause, an effervescent cask lemonade made from water and malt with added aromas.

Kastanienallee, 7-9

Prater Gaststätte menu

Daily 18: 00-00: 00


Dicke wirtin

Dicke Wirtin Small CafeFor 80 years now, in a small cafe, where antique chandeliers hang from the ceilings, and the walls are decorated with black and white photographs, lovers of food at home have gathered. The idea of ​​creating a pub, accessible not only to owners of tight wallets, but also to poor students, belonged to Anna Stanšek, an innkeeper, whose impressive forms are reflected in the name of the institution.

Today Dicke Wirtin is the most popular authentic place for tasty and inexpensive food in Berlin. Delicious Königsberg klops and beef rolls, which were cooked back in 1929, are famous far beyond the borders of the German capital… The only negative is that it is always crowded here, so you need to take care of ordering a table in advance.

Carmerstraße, 9

Dicke Wirtin Cafe menu

Daily 11: 00-01: 00


Zollpackhof cafe in BerlinIf you think that food prices in the center of Berlin can hurt your budget, then you are wrong. A gastronomic paradise with a 200-year history, it will surprise you not only with its unrivaled traditional Bavarian cuisine, but also with its unique views of the Spree river, the historic Moltkebrücke bridge, the Federal Chancellor’s Office and the Swiss Embassy.

During the warmer months, you can have a hearty and cheap meal and have a glass or two of beer brewed in the oldest Munich breweries Augustiner-Bräu on the open terrace surrounded by century-old chestnuts. On chilly evenings, guests will be warmed by a round glass fireplace. A dinner for two in this kingdom of Bavarian white sausages, roast pork and fresh pretzel will cost € 20-30.

Elisabeth-Abegg-Straße, 1

Zollpackhof Cafe Menu

Daily 10: 00-00: 00

Loretta am Wannsee

Inexpensive restaurant Loretta am WannseeIn the summer heat, tourists are not averse to visiting a restaurant, where it is possible not only to eat inexpensively in Berlin, but also to take a break from the oppressive heat. Loretta am Wannsee is an ideal location offering affordable prices and views of the capital’s largest lake. In fine weather, visitors enjoy the coolness on the open terrace, and in the cold season they bask in the bright halls of the main building or in an unusual mountain hut that recreates the atmosphere of ancient alpine dwellings.

Here, you can feel the national flavor in everything. German music sounds, the waitresses wear the Dirndl – the traditional female costume of the inhabitants of southern Germany, an indispensable attribute of Oktoberfest. The menu includes delicious food from Bavaria: paprika and obatsda cheese appetizer, Tyrolean smoked ham, grilled knuckle and green asparagus

Kronprinzessinnenweg, 260

Loretta am Wannsee cafe menu

Daily 12: 00-22: 00

Despite the affordable prices, the aforementioned restaurants and cafes with German cuisine in Berlin are able not only to satisfy hunger, but also satisfy the needs of even sophisticated gourmets. A tip from seasoned travelers: Don’t skip your business lunch. A set lunch consisting of two courses and a soft drink will cost you inexpensively – only 9-15 €.

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