We at restoran.ru learned that chefs and bartenders can breathe out: there is no need to look for translators. There is a service that will do everything for you. At any time of the day more than 35 languages ​​and several hundred translators are at your service, carefully selected by the translation company Alconost.

it Nitroonline professional translation service, confirming that all ingenious is simple. She unites in herself convenience of an online translator and high-quality translation from professionals. Agree, it’s convenient: we register, insert the text into the window, select the language (s), get the estimated cost of the order, replenish the account, click “Send”. We relax and wait from 1 to 24 hours, confident in the result. Great, isn’t it?

Those who are in charge of the kitchen also need a high-quality translation. A cook is a bad one who does not strive to become a chef. And having become one, she does not dream of prizes, certificates and recognition of her masterpieces! Participation in large-scale and narrowly focused gastronomic battles is not only creativity and endless honing of skills, but also the presentation of yourself, your creation, communication with the organizers, correspondence, not only in English, but also in the language of the country in which the competition is held. So much so that all the salt and other ingredients are preserved along with the beauty and grace of the idea.

And even if you are lucky enough to find a translator into English, Finnish, Korean, Chinese and a rare language of one of the African tribes, it is not a fact that the set will include not only philological abilities, but also the desire to delve into the intricacies of the culinary art. And how can you define the line between “languor” and “extinguishing”? Where will stroganina not be “sliced ​​ice cream” and certainly not “steak”? Here you cannot guess at what moment the bacon will turn into “sebum”, and the donut into a “donut” or “bagel”, and such a seemingly understandable “steak” – into an “aspen stake”.

As a result, the audience is lost, the flow of foreign guests does not grow, and cups with medals do not decorate the interior. therefore translation of recipes, menu and other “tasty” texts – a task that cannot be tackled carelessly.

As in any translation agency, Alconost did not like the “translation difficulties” associated with narrow specificity and short texts. However, we thought about it, and after thinking it over, we found a solution in 2009 that meets the needs of the client and does not cause a nervous tic in the performer. Rightly judging that highly specialized topics are beyond the control of the machine due to the inability to convey the original intention of the author, they created the Nitro service – fast, so as not to delay the participants in the process: the customer and the translator.

This is how menu translation works in Nitro: