Tourists tend to try the most interesting dishes of the country to which they go. Are you ready to take a chance and try unusual, but very disgusting drinks?

1. Beer “Armageddon”

This drink was called a real hellish swill because of its high alcohol content, which is 65%. The inscription on the label of the beer just reads – “The strongest beer in the world.”

The strongest beer Armageddon

The manufacturer of “Armageddon” shared information that this drink is much thicker than our usual beer. In its manufacture, the “ice” method of fermentation was used, that is, spring water is frozen during the brewing process. The drink is gaining immense popularity not only in Scotland, where it is produced, but also abroad.

2. Liana of the Dead

The drink is made according to the recipe of the native Amazonian Indians from a special type of vine called the “perfume vine”. According to the Indians themselves, anyone who tastes this disgusting drink can contact the world of the dead for a while.

Death vine drink

This is due to the hallucinogenic effect it has and the Indians’ unshakable belief in the existence of spirits. “Liana of the Dead” has another interesting effect on the body – it cleanses it of all parasites.

3. Moljort

This is Scandinavian schnapps made with the addition of wormwood. The drink contains only 35% alcohol and was awarded the World’s Worst Liqueur Award. Those who are not lucky enough to taste this schnapps assure that the disgusting aftertaste will haunt you all your life.

Scandinavian schnapps Moljort

The specific smell resembles burnt rubber and even embalming liquid. However, if you like unusual drinks, then for comparison it is still worth trying the recognized worst.

4. Tsonghul

This is the name of a traditional Korean wine made from a mixture of medicinal herbs and human feces. Previously, the components are infused in alcohol for about 4 months.

Tsonghul drink

According to those who have tasted the wine popular in Korea, it tastes like an ordinary sweet alcoholic drink that has a specific aftertaste. Wine is now gaining popularity outside of Korea.

5. Fijtu beer

This African drink was made from rotten water full of harmful bacteria. The Fijtu brewery worked for only 5 years, and already in 2003 it was closed and the production of this disgusting drink was banned.

The thing is that the poor fellows who had time to try his products began to suffer from bloody diarrhea and unbearable headaches. Some even began to see strange silhouettes while in alcoholic oblivion.

6. Golden Road

Tourists in Switzerland call this cinnamon schnapps “golden”. This is because a liter of the drink contains about 15 mg of pure gold.

To try schnapps, you need to purchase a special sieve through which gold flakes cannot pass. After all, it also happened that the metal got stuck and festered in the rectum and caused irreparable harm to the health of those who like to break the rules.

7. Whiskey “Glyphins”

Many true connoisseurs of whiskey are interested in this drink, which is produced only to order. However, few dare to try it. After all, the main ingredient in whiskey is the urine of old people who suffer from diabetes.

Mr. Jamie Glyphins’ grandmother is one of those whose urine is used by an outrageous manufacturer, only by filtering it through a water purifier. Although critics send Jamie to a mental hospital, they do not refute the growing popularity of his whiskey.

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