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IN restaurant “Who Lives Well” Shrovetide is celebrated with a compact pancake set, which is supposed to be consumed in one sitting. The set included five pancakes on gluten-free dough: with purple corn and pickled scallop, courgette with crab and avocado, smoked pancake with Murmansk salmon and tuna, spinach with spirulina, octopus and porcini mushroom sauce, and for dessert – pistachio with meringue , caramel mousse and berries. The cost of the set is 2500 rubles.

Address: Prechistenskaya nab., 17
Telephone: +7 (495) 695-16-39

IN restaurant White Rabbit pancakes make up for the lack of vitamin D. Any pancake from a special menu contains a real sun, you just have to point your smartphone camera at the dish. Prepare 8 pancakes, complete with fillings: pumpkin pancakes with stracciella and smoked pear (570 rubles), buckwheat with lamb and cilantro (990 rubles), bird cherry pancakes with sour cream and black caviar (990 rubles) and two variants of Boyarskikh, accompany which you can use forshmak, caviar, jam or rustic sour cream.

Address: Smolenskaya square, 3
Telephone: +7 (495) 367-15-94

From February 20 to March 1 in selected restaurants in Moscow gastronomic festival “Champagne Maslenitsa”, thanks to which you can once again be convinced of the ideal combination of Russian cuisine with French champagne. Go to the following restaurants for signature crepes and champagne at a special price: CUT, Remy Kitchen Bakery, Community, Chinook, Stone crab, Cevicheria, Tartaria, Lucky Izakaya Bar, Loro, Eva, Margarita Bistro, SiberiaSibir. A complete list of restaurants can be found on the project website.

For meat pancakes, you can also go to Capito Cafe… Namely, over a pancake with meat ragout with mozzarella cheese, spinach and chimichuri sauce with suluguni mousse and parsley oil (450 rubles).

Address: 3rd st. Yamskogo Fields, 2, bldg. 13
Telephone: +7 (495) 488-65-97

In the arsenal restaurant “Matryoshka” – buckwheat, red, yeast-free pancakes “Guryevskie”, lacy from oat flour. With meat filling, it is worth taking pancakes with beef or with goose and buckwheat. As for pancakes without fillings, they are served free of charge during the whole Maslenitsa week if you order toppings: Olyutor herring or Caspian hall (600 rubles per 100 g), apple, cloudberry or strawberry jam (130 rubles), milk mushrooms in sour cream (790 rubles), porcini mushrooms (890 rubles) and others.

Address: Kutuzovskiy per., 2/1, building 6
Telephone: +7 (495) 367-16-13

Pancakes with roast beef

IN restaurants “My Fish” the pancake plot, of course, revolves around fish and seafood. Here they serve pancakes with Karelian pike perch and mushrooms (660 rubles), with salmon, ricotta and spinach (590 rubles), crab (860 rubles) and halibut with an icon set (740 rubles).

Address: 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya St., 21 (Business Center “4 Winds”, floor 1)
Telephone: +7 (495) 229-31-77

IN restaurant chain “Varenichnaya No1” for this Maslenitsa, among many other variations, they prepare spelled pancakes with marinated coho salmon (550 rubles) and wheat pancakes with cod liver, egg and rice (250 rubles). Who did not know: cod liver is still a delicacy!

Until March 1, it is worth catching pancakes at “Fish Market”… The menu includes a pancake with cuttlefish, creamy sauce and black truffle, a pancake roll with shrimps, avocado and halibut caviar, a pancake with tempura and wasabi oysters, and a pancake variation on lasagne with tiger prawns, squid and parmesan.

Address: Trekhprudny lane, 10/2
Telephone: +7 (495) 988-26-56

IN restaurant “Bochka” arrange an attraction, as in Teremka: pancakes are baked in the hall on an open fire. At the head of the Maslenitsa offer is the Tsar’s Caviar Bar (7,990 rubles). The set includes pancakes, pancakes and caviar: black sturgeon, chum salmon caviar, pike and Odessa-style whitefish caviar.

Address: 1905, 2
Telephone: +7 (495) 988-26-56


Peqlo Asian Barbecue offers pancakes with Asian-style fillings: with eel, rice, nori seaweed and cream cheese (450 rubles) or shrimps with salmon and spicy sauce (650 rubles) wrapped in green matcha pancake.

Address: Pokrovka, 1/13/6, bldg. 2
Telephone: +7 495 139-25-89

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Peqlo Asian Barbecue pancakes Pancake pancake menu

Pancake roll with matches

IN Levantine restaurant staged Maslenitsa in a Mediterranean style. Pancakes are baked from different flours with Turkish fillings and Israeli spices: from chickpea flour (420 rubles) with eggplant in yogurt and zaatar; from bulgur flour with cumin and red pepper paste (420 rubles); corn (450 rubles) with eggplant shakshuka, yogurt and beef fume. For dessert – from amaranth flour (460 rubles) with goat cheese cream and strawberries.

Address: Novinsky Boulevard, 8, LOTTE PLAZA, 7th floor
Telephone: +7 (495) 988-26-56

Pancake menu Bar Touch of Matcha is built around the Japanese superfood – matcha tea. Vegan pancakes on a flaxseed egg from matcha are served with sea buckthorn, blackcurrant and blueberry sauce (380 rubles) or stuffed with smoked tofu and seaweed with a sauce based on teriyaki, coconut cream and raspberries (420 rubles).

Address: Presnenskaya emb., 10, building 2
Telephone: +7 (916) 460-01-56

Touch of Matcha bar pancakes Shrovetide pancake menu

Green pancakes with smoked tofu