However, in restaurant “Friendship” this problem was approached with the utmost seriousness and, in order to achieve a “warming” effect, they made strong alcohol one of the main ingredients. Eat ice cream, and the receptors tell you that you are enjoying sipping Mojito, Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, or an unexpectedly sweet whiskey. By the way, the latter also came out loaded with proteins: the recipe is a bold idea of ​​Alexei Kondrashin. Alexey adds aged whiskey, caramelized banana and a portion of homemade cookies to the ice cream in a waffle cup.

The idea seemed “sober” to us, and we decided to try the main alcohol deserts in Moscow.

If you are an experimenter by nature, and indeed you like something “that kind”, then Brasserie Lambic Restaurants, the specificity of which is beer, beer and again beer, offer the beer sorbet Lindemans (290 rubles), in the production of which a special sort of cherry beer is used.

And for those who love stability and fundamentally do not go to other places, the pastry chef cafe “Varenichnaya No. 1” Alena Solodovichenko added strong alcohol to several dishes at once: cottage cheese with apricot “five-minute” and amaretto (295 rubles) and baked peaches with Baileys cream, salted caramel and pistachios (370 rubles).

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Cottage cheese with apricot “five-minute” and amaretto

In fashionable Avocado Queen at Patriarch’s Ponds, they offer chocolate ganache with a biscuit soaked in bourbon (490 rubles) – you probably won’t get drunk, but the combination of dark chocolate and aged bourbon will definitely delight you on a rainy day.

More accessible by location and traditional in form / content story – Rum baba (530 rubles) in “Chaikhona No. 1” of the Vasilchuk brothers… A juicy muffin soaked in rum and orange zest, served with mascarpone cream, cream and berries.