Walking around Prague cannot be imagined without acquaintance with delicious Czech cuisine. And what a pleasure it is, getting hungry, to look into one of the local restaurants and refresh yourself with aromatic goulash, dumplings and beer!

In this review, we will tell you about where to eat tasty and inexpensively in Prague, how much lunch will cost for a budget tourist, and where to go for a quick snack.

Cafe Creperie Pod Vezi

Cafe Creperie Pod Vezi, Czech RepublicNot far from Charles Bridge, on one of the streets in Prague, there is a cozy cafe with delicious pancakes. There are more than 40 filling options. Here you can find hearty Palačinky with Prague ham, cheese and egg, goat cheese, walnuts and honey, salmon and fresh cream, fried chicken and camembert. And sweet ones – with vanilla sauce and ice cream, cherries and chocolate, Nutella and banana.

The prices, which are quite adequate for the center of Prague, whet the appetite even more – you can eat in a cafe for 280-340 Kč (if you limit yourself to two pancakes). Soups cost 65Kč, desserts – 99Kč.

Dražického nám. 64/9, Malá Strana

Cafe Creperie Pod Vezi menu

Daily 12: 00-23: 00


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Bistro sisters

Bistro Sisters, Czech RepublicThis already popular budget café in Prague has become even more attractive for Russian-speaking tourists after a plot in the culinary TV show “Food, I Love You.” It is in the Sisters bistro, according to the hosts, that perfect Czech open sandwiches are prepared chlebíčky – with salmon, tartar, pickled radish, beetroot paste and cheese (35-59Kč). All the sandwiches are insanely delicious and unusual, and leaving Prague without trying them would be a huge omission.

But even if we ignore the national specifics, in a cafe you can really have a quick meal or take food with you to take away in a container. For breakfast “Sisters” prepare large and inexpensive Loupák sandwiches with ham, lettuce, pickled cucumbers (79 Kč) and brew fresh coffee.

Dlouhá 727/39, Staré Město

Mon-Fri 8: 00-19: 00, Sat 9: 00-18: 00


Jidelna Světozor

Jidelna Světozor, Czech RepublicIf you think that it is impossible to eat cheaply in the center of Prague, be sure to visit this popular cafe-cafeteria in the Svetozor passage, right next to the Wenceslas Square stop. Mostly Czechs themselves come here to eat, although there is also a menu in Russian and English. The food is very simple and hearty: beef stew and dumplings, pork loin with rice or pasta, chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoes – a huge portion that can be enough for two, together with a side dish costs 99-109 Kč.

The only inconveniences associated with the cafe are not the most convenient working hours (on weekdays from 11 to 15 hours) and the need to stand in line to place an order. Therefore, if you decide to come here to eat and want to catch the most delicious dishes from the menu, be sure to come early.

Vodičkova 791/39, Nové Město

Jidelna Světozor menu

Mon-Sat 9: 00-15: 00


Havelska Koruna

Havelska Koruna in Czech RepublicThis is a real budget gem in the center of Prague – an inexpensive self-service cafe with traditional national cuisine. Inside the room is divided into several sections, where you can choose salads, soups, meat with garnish, desserts and, of course, beer: bottled and draft (Gambrinus and Prazdroj).

At the entrance, each guest is given a “ticket” – a piece of paper that marks the chosen food. Leaving the cafe, it must be given for payment at the checkout, even if it remains empty. A large fine is issued for the loss of a ticket.

It is almost always crowded here: both Czechs and tourists come to eat, attracted by low prices (the cost of food is in the range of 90-140 Kč), large portions and a convenient location of the dining room. The service takes an average of 5 minutes, and Havelska Koruna claims that they manage to feed from a thousand to two thousand customers per day.

Havelská 501/21 a 23, Staré Město

Havelska Koruna menu

Daily 10: 00-20: 00


Pivnice u jary

Pivnice U Jary, Czech RepublicNear the National Memorial on Vitkov in Prague, there is a good place where you can eat tasty and inexpensive food. All dishes: steaks, roasts, schnitzels cost 155-215 Kč, but the menu also includes beer snacks, salads, soups, desserts.

Foamy – 4-5 varieties at a price of 30-50Kč, all brewed on atec hops by the famous Czech company Pardubický Pivovar. For example, you can try both a light lager and a special dark pomegranate beer – the atmosphere in every possible way encourages taste experiments.

Jeronýmova 577/2, Žižkov

Pivnice U Jary beer menu

Mon-Sat 11: 00-23: 00, Sun 11: 00-22: 00


Restaurace Pod Vysehradem

Restaurace Pod Vysehradem, Czech RepublicOn the way to Vysehrad or after walking along it, stop to replenish your strength and eat at this cozy, inexpensive restaurant. Everything that you have already managed or are just about to try in Prague: crispy meat ribs with mustard (185Kč), juicy boar knee stewed in Budvar beer (190Kč), goulash with homemade dumplings (160Kč) – here in no time will be delivered to your table … Special offer – a huge meat pan for two (425Kč).

And those who are interested in national Czech alcoholic drinks should definitely look at the bar list. The famous Becherovka, the renowned Fernet Stock liqueur and other local specialties are the perfect complement to a hearty meal.

Vratislavova 32/4, Vyšehrad

Menu Restaurace Pod Vysehradem

Mon-Fri 11: 00-23: 00, Sat-Sun 12: 00-22: 00


U Parlamentu

U Parlamentu, a restaurant in the Czech RepublicIn this cozy Czech restaurant near Old Town Square and Charles Bridge, most of the traditional Czech dishes are prepared: tlachenka (85Kč), brambraki (40Kč), boar knee (329Kč), goulash with dumplings (198Kč), baked rabbit with potato dumplings (279Kč) … The place is perfect for a family lunch or dinner with friends.

Other pluses of U Parlamentu include quick and smart waiters who understand Russian well, and a colorful atmosphere. There are always a lot of people who want to eat in the restaurant, so queues are not excluded, and a noisy and lively atmosphere is guaranteed.

Valentinská 52/8, Město-Staré

U Parlamentu restaurant menu

Daily 11: 00-23: 00


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U magistra kelly

U Magistra Kelly, Czech RepublicThis small restaurant with only 6-7 tables is located near the Prague Castle. Since it is cramped inside, to dine, places need to be booked in advance, but such inconveniences are fully redeemed by solid and inexpensive local cuisine.

Veal goulash (139Kč), dumplings stuffed with smoked pork (149Kč), grilled boar knee (229Kč) – the menu takes only one page, but includes all the main Czech dishes, including the famous beer snacks: drowned pork and pickled cheese Hermelin. By the way, foam in a restaurant is also relatively inexpensive for Prague – from 22Kč (0.3 l, cut) to 38Kč (0.5 l, Pilsner Urquell).

Šporkova 521/5, Malá Strana

U Magistra Kelly Restaurant Menu

Daily 12: 00-23: 00



Banner Excursions in Prague

Lokál Dlouhááá

Lokál Dlouhááá, a bar in the Czech RepublicA noisy and crowded bar, which opened in 2009, today it is considered one of the most popular places among the citizens and guests of Prague. Here you can taste not only Czech beer classics: Pilsner Urquell or Kozel – but also other branded national alcoholic drinks, including бренufanek brandy and the famous herbal liqueur Becherovku. In order not to stay at the bar, but to be at the table, places in Lokál Dlouhááá must be booked in advance.

To eat in a bar, it is enough to have 200 Kč with you (for example, meat goulash and potato salad will cost this amount). Another 42Kč will cost beer (0.3 l). For a child, you can order pancakes (55Kč), chicken soup with dumplings (25Kč) or pasta (65Kč) from a separate children’s menu.

Dlouhá 33, Josefov

Lokál Dlouhááá Bar Menu

Mon-Sat 11: 00-01: 00, Sun 11: 00-00: 00


Restaurace Stoleti

Restaurace Stoleti, Czech RepublicThe restaurant is located in the historical center of Prague, very close to the National Theater and Charles Bridge. This building once housed stables, which are reminiscent of the characteristic niches in the hall. The place is very atmospheric, calm and cozy in Czech style.

Every day, the restaurant offers an inexpensive lunch offer: soup / drink + main course for 129Kč. The cost of the main meat dishes with a side dish (duck leg, beef steak, goulash with dumplings) starts from 255Kč the rest of the time.

Karoliny Světlé 320/21, Staré Město

Menu Restaurace Stoleti

Daily 11: 30-23: 00


Other budget establishments in Prague

U Hrocha – a popular bar in the center of Prague with delicious fresh beer and inexpensive food (main courses – about 90-140 Kč);
Hostinec u Rotundy – a classic Czech pub with draft “Staropramen”, juicy steaks, schnitzels, shank, fried cheeses and sausages (beer snacks – 39-59Kč, main meat dishes – 99-299Kč);
U Rozvařilů – inexpensive canteen near the center of Prague, almost all food – 109Kč, there is a set menu for 149Kč;
U suteru – a restaurant near Jungman Square with an economical price tag;
Cafe Bar Archa U Prokupku – a good place near Bethlehem Square, the average bill for two in this cafe in Prague is 750-1000Kč (with drinks);
Restaurace U Havrana – a noisy bar with draft Velkopopovicky Kozel (21-37Kč) and Czech cuisine (almost all meat – 169-209Kč);
Naše maso – the famous Prague meat delicacy shop, any steak will be grilled right in front of you (sausages – 85-95 Kč, sandwiches and hamburgers – 175-225 Kč);
Ferdinanda – bars with an economical menu (steaks for 193 Kč, grilled chicken breast – 188 Kč);
Domecek Cafe – a cafe right in the center of Prague with a large selection of draft beer and good Czech cuisine (soups – from 69Kč, meat dishes – from 185Kč);
Country life – a vegetarian-style establishment: all food is prepared from organic products, sold by weight (about 30Kč per 100 g), so you can eat quite inexpensively.

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