When you finish reading this sentence, McDonald’s, the largest fast food chain, will sell over 355 burgers. After reading the article to the end, you will learn 12 more interesting facts about burgers.

Delicious buns with meat patties and various side dishes conquer the stomachs of fast food lovers around the world. In 2013, Americans conducted a study according to which 63% of respondents had golden potatoes as their favorite side dish for a bun with a cutlet… Onion rings were in second place.

A line of hamburgers that only Americans eat in a year can girdle the Earth about 32 times. That’s almost 50 billion buns with cutlets.

Not all burger patties are made from beef. For example, one of the American restaurant chains Twisted Root Burger Co serves beaver, kangaroo and llama buns. This pleasure is not cheap, but this does not make it less popular.

Although burgers were once considered a typical American food, today they are loved and eaten by people around the world. They received such fame in 1904 at the St. Louis Fair. It was from this year that fast food outlets began to fill the world.

Burger interesting facts

In 1921, a restaurant opened in America, where a bun with a cutlet was sold for 5 cents. For comparison, a loaf of bread in those days cost 8 cents. However, people were willing to pay for “fancy” food, and soon the restaurant became a chain of eateries across America.

Experienced restaurateurs have come up with a clever marketing ploy for those who do not consume a certain type of meat. For example, Hindus do not eat beef, and Muslims and Jews do not eat pork. This is how vegetarian burgers appeared, which are also incredibly popular.

American chemist McClendon conducted an experiment in the mid-90s to find out whether a person could eat burgers for a long time without harming his own health. A participant in this experiment ate buns and cutlets and drank water for 91 consecutive days. McClendon has shown that water, bread, meat, and vegetables can provide essential nutrients. However, today scientists unanimously repeat about the dangers of fast food and call for completely abandoning it.

Burger with fries and beer

Interesting historical fact: itself the name “Burger” comes from the “Hamburg steak” that German emigrants brought to America… In 1950, in the American city of Hoboken, there was even a German restaurant Waldschloss, where famous steaks were served. To avoid any mention of the origins of the burgers during World War I, American soldiers began calling them “freedom sandwiches.” But this name was not liked by the people and was soon eradicated.

By far, you can try the most expensive burger in one of the Vegas restaurants. At The Fleur De Lys, you have to pay $ 5,000 for truffle buns with a juicy beef patty. Rumor has it that they serve a glass of delicious expensive wine with their burgers.

And already in 2009, 233,907 people agreed to “sell” their friends for this meal. According to the rules of the promotion, which was carried out by the American network Burger King, the one who was ready to remove 10 friends from his Facebook account received a free bun with a cutlet. The action was called Burger Stronger Than Friendship. By the way, in order to burn calories after this burger, you would have to run more than 7 km. Admit it, you, too, while reading this, mentally figured out who would be removed from your friends?

But a few dozen of the most ardent fans of fast food in August 2010 staged a competition for high-speed eating hamburgers. The winner was a Japanese man named Tucker, who ate 10 buns with a cutlet in 3 minutes and broke the existing record. Although for true burger lovers, there are no losers in this competition.

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