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    5 myths about palm oil, which it’s time to stop believing

    For many, the phrase “palm oil” — a horror story in one series such as “anthrax”, “nuclear power”, “attack of the clones” and “end of the world”. And at the same time the same people argue seriously about the benefits of homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture and other unscientific heresy. The tropical oil has long been blamed for all sorts of sins (except not in the Bible). Today we want to dispel some myths about this product, that you ceased to be terrified at the sight of the phrase “palm oil” on the label 1. Palm oil is extracted from palmy the view of opponents of palm oil, obviously, do the following:…

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    11 myths about wine that it’s time to stop believing

    For ancient and rich history of wine making was equipped with many myths. Is it true that fish is to be eaten with white wine, which should be a wine cork and is it possible to make wine from powder — versed with these and other issues In fact, cork is needed only for those wines that are aged. Its porous structure allows the drink to breathe and develop. But for young wines that do not need oxygen, screw or the plastic blockage is ideal. In addition, one-piece natural cork is expensive, they usually close elite wines. In those that are simpler, use extruded pellets, mixed with an organic adhesive,…

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    Forget it immediately: 15 dangerous myths about the stomach

    Is it possible in the morning to drink fruit juice, is semolina and how stress affects digestion?Myth # 1 — eat fruit on an empty stomach polannolistna fruit on an empty stomach can cause a rise in acidity. The best time for them (and smoothies) lunch or afternoon snack This also applies to juices. On an empty stomach, especially in the morning, is a powerful blow to the pancreas Myth # 2 — the amount of food does not affect your jeludocki eat large volume of food per meal, the metabolism slows down, body long processed food you run the risk of stretching the stomach read more

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    The juice: 5 myths about packaged juices that it’s time to debunk

    According to sociological research, the juice is the second most popular beverage after water. Do you use the juice to make a tequila sunrise for a party, or on the run, replace it with Breakfast, in any case, I wish he was natural and high quality. Can we consider such juices in the package? We have gathered 5 of the most common myths about packaged juices and asked the expert: what is true and what is fiction?Myth # 1: Packaged juices svezhevyzhatym worse. K. Fresh juice contains many vitamins, nutrients and biologically active substances, however, retains its useful properties only within 20-30 minutes after cooking. Half an hour later under…

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    Truth and myths about milk

    Canadian scientists came to the conclusion, that every people need to drink milk, so the feeling of satiety persisted throughout the day. In addition, lactose, decreases the amount of glucose in the blood, which in turn reduces the risk of diabetes However, the Russian nutritionists do not share this point of view, because many residents of the North and middle latitudes of the country are unable to fully digest dairy products. So to drink milk or not to drink? Meet our expert dietician George Lebedenko read more

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    Nutritionist responds: the truth and myths about spicy food

    Harmful spices? Is it possible to lose weight from That Pit? Why rolls served with ginger? All you need to know about spicy food says nutritionist and blogger Polina Vysotskaya In the debate about healthy eating no more controversial topic than spicy food. In such “philosophies” of power as Ayurveda, sharpness, respect, and gastroenterologists — dislike. What is really worth to believe?1. From spicy hudeyte this is partly true. In a spicy pepper contains a substance called capsaicin. This substance creates a feeling of fire in his mouth and is able to speed up the metabolism. Capsaicin provokes acceleration of the cardiac rhythm and a slight fever Plus, spicy foods…

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    What do you know about gluten? Myths and truths

    Alena parezca, doctor-pediatrician the hype around gluten-free products successfully boosts their sales. But how justified the use of such, often standing several times more expensive products instead of the usual?About gluten, glutenin and gliadin articles, colorfully painted the dangers of gluten and offering to go on a gluten-free diet, can show various other terms, such as gliadin and glutelin (glutenin). Some writers further argue that these compounds were introduced to the wheat breeders to increase the yield, but they also lead to dangerous reactions digestion It is the ability of the organism in susceptible to provoke allergies or intolerance to gluten. We emphasize that this is not at all, but…