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    There is also a restaurant with dishes of the last sentenced to death

    Photo: Shutterstock In Japan, there is a restaurant, which for two weeks served dishes that sentenced to death prisoners are selected for the last meal. This publication reports the New York Post. A restaurant called “Ningen”, which translates as “Human restaurant”, was opened in the “red light district”. Among the menu items were especially popular three choices of meal. The first set — a hamburger, hard-boiled eggs, baked potatoes and three shots of whiskey — picked and eaten before the execution the murderer and robber Gary mark Gilmore (Gary Mark Gilmore), who became the first criminal executed in the United States after the lifting of the moratorium on the death…

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    Unusual recipes egg dishes shared by the readers of the library in the Spring

    In the library № 47 on Spring street held an event dedicated to the world day of eggs. The meeting was held on Saturday, October 13 Visitors learned about the history of this unusual holiday, how people celebrate it in different parts of the world, and which country is the world champion in the consumption of eggs. Guests shared original recipes with eggs, — told in the library For visitors held a master class of painting eggs. Were shown eggs, made of beads and satin ribbons Recall, library № 47 is located at Spring street, the house 8. (SW) read more

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    17 delicious dishes and drinks are prohibited in many countries of the world

    Almost every country in the world has unique culinary leanings, which are shocking to people from other countries. Many of the national dishes contain ingredients that may be hazardous to health. For other cooking uses meat from animals that are on the brink of extinction, while others simply contradict the foundations of any country. In our review of 17 of prohibited dishes from around the world Source: novate.ru1. Sassafrass leaves of the sassafras tree growing in North America, doing it is a harmless spice with a distinctive taste. However, the roots of the same plants are made of sassafras essential oil, which once used to flavor beer and other beverages.…

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    3 recipe of the dishes from the Oktoberfest

    370 caloriesШницельЗапеченные pork chops in a crispy breading. Schnitzel the complexity of the RECIPE: COOKING TIME: 45 minutes PT45M PT45M SERVINGS: 4 servings CALORIES: 370 kalingradskaya (chops) 4 pieces Eggs 2 pieces Bread (crumbs) 200 g Flour 80 g sour Cream 1 tbsp Lemon (zest) 1 piece In a bowl break eggs and mix with the zest and sour cream Each steak roll in flour, then dip in egg mixture and roll in bread crumbs Bake the schnitzels in the oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes 190 caloriesБрецелиЗнаменитые Bavarian pretzels on the classic recipe. Pretzels the complexity of the RECIPE: COOKING TIME: 35 minutes PT35M PT35M SERVINGS: 12 servings…

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    Pickle, canned soup and other warming dishes for cooler weather

    Warm soups quickly, improve metabolism, provide the necessary warmth and energy. Hearty, yet typically light. Compared with stewing or roasting, boiled vegetables, mushrooms, meat and poultry in the soup retains more nutrients. In addition, soups are usually lower in calories than full main courses, but not as much nutrients Beautiful and wavemachine soup was not only delicious, but also beautiful, it is necessary to cut all ingredients the same, only the dice or only strips. The less ingredients in the soup, the smaller they are cut, and if a lot of ingredients, and chop them coarsely It is also important to put products in a timely manner. The longest to…

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    Pies and other dishes of Russian cuisine, which absorbed the worst

    Russian cuisine is one of the most varied and nutritious. Mention of such traditional Russian dishes as cereals, jellies, soup found in the annals of IX — XII centuries. Pavel Syutkin, a connoisseur and researcher of the eating habits of the peoples of Russia — a purely national Russian dishes include pies with various fillings, pea soup with smoked meat, Smolensk ham, roast carp, which is called hop, and a few dozen dishes, the title of which can be traced to the area where they arose, as, for example, Suzdal pickles Most of these dishes are good for the body, but not all. In Russian cuisine there are dishes that…

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    In the restaurant: the Top 5 unusual dishes with rice

    The “MIR” TV channel this Sunday, October 7, to arrange in Moscow “delicious” feast on the occasion of his 26th year. Renowned chef, host of cooking show “in the restaurant” Alexander Zhurkin cook pilaf is a national dish for many peoples of the Commonwealth. Moreover, in the author’s performance — from the goose and spelt. On Tverskaya square will establish a 100-liter cauldron. Within a two-hour master class Zhurkin will share cooking lifehacks with everyone. He will show and tell you how to cook fragrant pilaf goose, and treat them to holiday guests. Everyone who came also in for the photo zone, exciting contests and gifts. The celebration starts at…

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    The best vegetable dishes in the restaurants of St. Petersburg

    Over the last couple of years, the vegetables have to be registered in the menu of many restaurants as a standalone course. “Sobakawa” already told you how and why it happened, and, of course, could not ignore gastrosurgery of cabbage, carrots and zucchini. Meet the nominees for our restaurant awards “Where There is 2018 in St Petersburg” in the category “Best dishes of vegetables” Tacos lettuce with avocado and usabilitiy gastronomy shorts from a great talent of Dmitry Blinov: the leaves Romain spread salsa of avocado, pour on top of spicy sauce, spicy Japanese mustard, wasabi and sweet eel, and finish with fresh spinach Restaurant Duo Ul. Kirochnaya, 8A Learn…

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    Culinary journey: 4 dishes that are worth a try in Rostov-na-Donu

    Rostov the Great: beautiful, colorful, delicious. Hot and sultry at any time of the year. One fad for which there is to come, is delicious food, variety of dishes and just a huge selection of sites where your puteshestvie to turn into a gastronomic Where to go and where to eat culinary guide tells Victoria Reshulsky. In her opinion, to begin your delicious journey it is necessary from the restaurant “Yalla” “Yalla”a restaurant whose menu is harmoniously connected with the Uzbek, Italian, Georgian and Japanese cuisine, located in the Park. The October Revolution — here look especially nice after a walk with the family on Sunday or on the way…

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    Creative dishes that can be prepared in 30 minutes

    If you are very tired, to such an extent that it is unable to get to the restaurant, then… Order your online products and whip up delicious and simple meals to her husband, children, or just for myself Casserole with chicken, quinoa and broccolini will need:Chicken broth — 500 ml Milk — 250 ml the Mixture of spices for poultry — 1 teaspoon Flour — 70 grams Water — 500 ml Quinoa — 90 grams Small fried pieces of bacon — 30-50 grams (optional) Chicken Breasts without skin and bones — 450 grams of a Mixture of your favorite spices — 2 teaspoons Fresh broccoli 400 grams of Cheese —…