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According to experts, not all products are exposed to low freezing temperatures.

There are 10 of them:

1. Canned food. The fact is that water that turns into ice tends to increase in size. As a result, the capacity itself is either highly deformed (at best) or exploded.

2. Alcohol. The only exceptions are high quality drinks, and everyone else (wine, champagne, beer) should not be frozen for the same reason as canned food.

3. Dairy products. They will lose their texture. If you decided to freeze them anyway, it is worth using them only for making sauces.

4. Fish and meat products. Repeated freezing threatens to poison as bacteria are formed. Such products can only be frosted once.

5. Cheese. Frost has a bad effect on the texture of the cheese.

6. Sauce and sauce. If they were composed of eggs, flour or starch, they would no longer be a uniform texture after freezing.

7. Pasta or spaghetti. Any pasta products will irreversibly lose their appearance and will be unfit for consumption.

8. Cooked rice. Eating it after the freezer is not worth it as it almost loses its taste. It can only be added to the filling when cooking meatballs or meatballs.

9. Raw vegetables and fruits. Such products due to the high water content completely lose their shape. There are foods that can be frozen. For example, they do not even carry their beneficial properties.

10. Clear food in breading. Don't be tempted to save time by preparing everything in advance: the effort will be wasted.

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